Kevin Federline & His Pet Store Sweeties

Kevin Federline stepped out with his two eldest children – daughter Kori, 7 ½, and son Kaleb, 5 ½ – to a local pet store in Chatsworth, Calif. today (June 15). The kids were picking up feeding supplies for their pet iguana and turtle at home.

The kids’ mother is Kevin’s ex-girlfriend, actress Shar Jackson. Kevin recently praised Shar and his ex-wife Britney Spears.

I’m really fortunate to have [Shar and Britney] in my life … and as mothers of my children. I love both of them very much. I still do to this day.”

Kevin and Britney are parents to sons Sean Preston, 4 ½, and Jayden James, 3 ½.

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Photo credit: GSI Media


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  1. Tazina

    I thought he lost weight. He looks huge in this photo.

  2. mslewis

    I had heard that he put some of the weight back on. Too bad. But the kids are really adorable.

  3. melo1983

    Yayyy, it’s been so long since there have been pics of these two! Soo darn cute!

  4. Anonymous

    A perfect example a fool in Hollyweird. Left his family for trash and then had the trash leave him. so pathetic.

  5. Anonymous

    Kevin is out with Kori and Kaleb without his cash babies? wow, miracles DO happen

  6. Anonymous

    kevin look’s great and make the cutest kids

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