P. Diddy Vows No More Children Until Marriage

During a recent appearance on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross P. Diddy – also known as Sean Combs – said he would not have any more children because he doesn’t “condone having children out of wedlock.”

The unmarried rapper is the biological father of five children from three relationships – Justin, aged 16, Christian, 12, twins D’Lila Star and Jesse James, 3, and Chance also aged 3. He also helps to raise his son, Quincy aged 18, from a previous relationship with his on-off partner Kim Porter.

Diddy, 40, feels strongly that six children in his life is enough until he settles down and can provide them with a more stable environment.

Diddy also said, “opportunity wasn’t really knocking at my door for marriage.” He went on to say:

I’m a proud father and I take care of them. I’m involved in their lives and I take care of the mothers of my children and when the day comes I’ll get married.” Diddy added, “I’m not gonna have any more kids until I get married.”

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  1. Anonymous

    This guy should definitely not reproduce under any circumstances.

    • Francesca

      That’s a really judgmental, unfair statement. Andrea Yates should not reproduce under any circumstances…but Sean Combs?!

      • Janna

        Yes, Sean Combs. There’s lots of reasons people shouldn’t reproduce.

        He’s a serial cheater and he just recently admitted himself in an interview that being a “present” father is something he doesn’t do very well. That’s not heresay, that’s from his own mouth.

        It’s great that he writes the CHECKS, but maybe he should spend a little time with his offspring now and then.

      • Anonymous

        Um, yeah, Sean Combs, P Diddy, Diddy, whatever he goes by these days – guess he figured out that 5 kids out of wedlock is enough? What a waste of space. Hope he at least pays child support.

  2. Anonymous

    nice of him to decide that now. the world is overpopulated, stop at 5 diddy, marriage or no marriage.

  3. Courtney

    ah theres six mentioned in the story not 5 unless you count the twins as one or neglect to mention the adult child that’s like saying Vanessa Redgrave only has two children she has two in heaven and two on earth correct she had two daughters Natasha Jane & Joely Kim with her first husband oscar winning director/producer Tony Richardson and two will her long term partner/second husband Franco Nero Carlo Gabriel and one from a pregnancy that ended in miscarriage

    Diddy could always have a vesectomy and then have it reversed later which is eaiser than a woman having a tubal ligation reversed

    • Gillian

      Hi, just to let you know, it says in the article that P. Diddy has 5 biological children and that Quincy is the child of Kim Porter from a previous relationship. Diddy, however, shares parental responsibility. Hope that clears things up.

  4. Anna

    He couldn’t have come to this decision before he had 5 children by 3 different women?

  5. Anonymous

    What message is he sending to his sons? That it’s ok to knock up a bunch of women and have kids with them? They’ll end up just like him since that’s all they know. Some people just have no morals/values anymore.

  6. antigoniem

    Technically, he has 5 biological children. Justin (Misa Hylton), Christian, Jesse, D’lila (Kim Porter), and Chance (Sarah). Quincy, who’s father is R&B singer Al B. Sure, is Kim’s child but Diddy shares parental responsibility with her. Quincy even calls him “dad”. The twins and Chance are the same age because, you guessed it, he cheated on Kim while she was pregnant with the twins, and she’s not ready to accept Chace into her life b/c of that. Wasn’t Diddy the person who said he may never get married, I guess that’s a good thing.

  7. Anonymous

    The women did not have to have the children with him if he’s so bad. He is setting an example to his sons by taking care of them and their mothers. The women using him for money are setting just as bad an example. He’s such a cheater; yet women for a meal ticket lay down, and in Kim Porters case has several children from this cheater and he supports her child with the other celeb (who obviously didn’t /couldn’t even support his child) where is the flak for Al who doesn’t support his own child . Diddy is not so bad, none of his children or their moms are taking your $ for welfare. God bless him for that.

  8. Anonymous

    Ironically, his first biologically son (with Misa Hilton) tweeted something that has been retweeted ridiculously after Beyonce announced her pregnancy- “Beyonce dated, married then had a baby. Take note young ladies.” I’ve always wondered what Diddy might’ve thought of that.

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