Alicia Keys Considering Adopting From Africa

An expectant Alicia Keys is considering adopting a child from Africa in the future, Britain’s Daily Mirror reports.

The mom-to-be regularly visits Africa in conjunction with her Keep A Child Alive charity, which helps youngsters whose parents have died of AIDS. The heartbreaking trips have left Keys wanting to help out.

Adopting is definitely not out of the question,” Alicia said. “I would love to figure out the ways that could work for me. I felt I wanted to scoop up the children I met in Africa and take them home. At this point I kinda feel I have amazing brothers and sisters in Africa. Hopefully I can be their big sister who they know they can depend on and will always be there, fighting for them.”

After her performance at the pre-World Cup concert, Alicia said that she’s never been so inspired in her life. “The people I met last time I was in Africa inspired me more than anything in my life. I cried a lot. It was extremely emotional and it changed me. It was heartbreaking but also heart lifting.”

The 29-year-old songstress is expecting her first child with fiance Swizz Beatz later this year.

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  • Anonymous

    omg she will be so trandy 🙂 she is one especial lady.

  • Anonymous


  • Anna

    It’s annoying that every celeb is asked about adopting. And they all feel they need to answer yes. Than it’s put on websites with headlines like this and after that we never hear of it again.

  • deeb2001

    I think she should focus on her upcoming marriage and her future baby! I think adoption in the far future is a great idea, but rite now, I think it would be too much.

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