Jason Bateman & His Giggling Girl

Adorable Francesca Bateman, 3, was full of smiles today as she and her dad Jason Bateman were spotted out and about in New York City (June 15). What a cutie!

The 41-year-old Arrested Development star has several projects on the go at the moment, including the romantic comedy The Switch, co-starring Jennifer Aniston.

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Photo credit: Fame Pictures


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  1. melo1983

    One hott dad and one beautiful little girl :]

  2. JaiME2232

    Totally hott, and smart too! Just saw this vid of him talking about his obsession with classical music: http://www.itsasickness.com/lounge/jason-bateman-obsessed-classical-music. He’s amazing and his girl is too cute!!


    I agree with melo – he’s hot and his daughter is gorgeous!

  4. AnonyMouse

    super cute! but thats not giggling it’s laughing!

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