Kyra Sedgwick Faces The Empty Nest

Kyra Sedgwick covers the July/August issue of More. The 44-year-old mother of two – son Travis, 21, and daughter Sosie, 18 – talks about coming to terms with her weight and dishes on her kids with husband of 22 years, Kevin Bacon.

On conceiving Travis on their honeymoon: “We were like, Let’s just not use birth control. I didn’t think it was going to happen so fast. I got pregnant in two weeks.”

On becoming an empty-nester: “It’s like, you’ve had this job forever, it’s the job you always wanted to do, and you were pretty good at it. Then you get fired for no reason!”

On struggling with her weight: “Food has never been easy for me,” she says and adds that the catalyst was a role in the 1985 film War and Love, for which she was required to lose 20 pounds to play a Holocaust survivor. “I came back from that, and it triggered something. I ate everything in sight. My weight went up and then too far down… I’m so grateful that I don’t get on a scale because it’s never going to be the right number.”

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  1. Anonymous

    I know I am old fashioned, but it’s refreshing to see a Hollywood couple who have been married and stayed married and had kids AFTER they were married, so tired of seeing stars nowdays who just want to “play house” and have kids together but never get married.

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