Love Handles: Workout While Walking Baby

New moms (and dads) spend countless hours behind the baby stroller. Just imagine if you could turn all those hours into a workout. You’d lose those pregnancy pounds in no time. Well now you can, with Love Handles. The first and only product that turns your average baby stroller into a full body elliptical trainer. With Summer and beach season at our doorstep, it’s time to get back into shape.

For new parents, one way to jumpstart your shape up routine is by adding a cardio boost to your stroller walks with your baby. Love Handles can help you do that. Founder, Joanna James, and her (future) mother-in-law, Mary Moschos, designed Love Handles out of their passion for fitness – to make it easier for moms to get a full cardiovascular and upper body workout while walking or jogging with their baby.

Love Handles offers many benefits:
Full Body Workout: Now walking your baby means mom and dad get fit too – from top to bottom! Get strong arms, strengthened core, inches off your waist and improved posture – while burning three times more calories than just walking or jogging with your stroller alone!

Save Money: No gym membership required and no paying a babysitter – get a quality workout while spending quality time with your baby! You can customize your workout level by being able to increase or decrease the resistance.

Save Time: Incorporating working out into your busy lifestyle is hard enough. Now you can combine the activity effectively and safe with your baby in tow; multitasking just got a whole lot easier! Workout with baby means you get your body back faster and easier, and your baby is happy because she’s with mommy!

Kelly Ripa recently praised Love Handles for being so innovative. She said on-air – “why didn’t I think of this?!?” Brooke Burke is also a fan and featured Love Handles on her ModernMom Blog as a “Must Have Product.”

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  • Anonymous

    um how exactly does that workout anything but your arms??

  • Aliana

    That looks like it would be really awkward to do..

  • anon

    oh, man… this looks like a SNL skit. I would feel like an idiot walking around the neighborhood like this.

    And I don’t want to look like a porn star, either.

  • Anonymous

    Not only does it look ridiculous, it looks dangerous! How do you steer that thing??

  • Alice

    If I saw someone walk around with that, I’d laugh. The only message it sends is “I’m so insecure with my body that I feel the need to be working out every second even when I walk my kid around”. Uhhhh no thanks.

  • Rebecca

    I happened to see this post and I already purchased a pair and have been using them. There is nothing about me that is insecure, as much as I thought it made sense to get rid of the weight on my midsection instead of just pushing the stroller. And it has worked! By moving your arms and steering the stroller you are using your core which helps you burn more calories and target new areas. I’m a huge fan of Love Handles! Thanks for all the help getting me back into my jeans 🙂
    p.s. I’ve been seeing Love Handles used all over L.A., and there are plenty of insecure people there but not using Love Handles!

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHA it truly seems a SNL skit!!!!

  • Anonymous

    wow this is just sad, and too funny and lame, so SNL right?

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