Matthew McConaughey & Camila Alves’ Big Apple Babes

What a cutie pie!

The Alves-McConaugheys were photographed as they headed out of their New York City hotel today (June 16). Camila Alves carried 5-month-old daughter Vida, while papa Matthew McConaughey walked hand in hand with their son, Levi, who turns 2 next month.

The family-of-four have been spotted all over the Big Apple these days. Yesterday, Matthew and Levi posed in front of a fire truck, while Camila and the kids were spotted out and about on Monday.

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  • alexa

    Vida is one beautiful baby.

    • Lizbeth

      All babies are cute.I don’t get what makes Vida so “stunning” or “beautiful” as described by some commenters. Please enlighten me.

      • Anonymous

        lighten up. you need to get laid or something.

      • nosoupforyou

        Open your eyes.

      • Anonymous

        Oh give me a break, like you’ve never seen a baby and thought to yourself that it wasn’t cute compared to others that you’ve seen? I highly doubt that. Of course all babies are “cute” in the sense that they are babies…but not all babies are pretty/beautiful/stunning. I’ve met lots of non-beautiful babies…some of them turn out to be really cute kids, some don’t. It doesn’t make them any less loved.
        If you truly believe that all babies are cute, if/when you have a baby and someone tells you how cute your new baby is, make sure you tell them that you don’t understand what makes your baby so beautiful because all babies are. 🙂
        Consider yourself enlightened.

      • Alice

        All babies are not cute and Vida is especially stunning because she has huge gorgeous eyes and long lashes, among other things.

  • Shannon

    How on earth did they get Levi to keep that bandana on his head?! I can’t get my 2 year old to keep anything on hers to save my life!!!

    Seriously, gorgeous family. I think that Vida looks a lot like her mom in the picture of them where Camila is facing the street. Absolutely lovely babies!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t normally comment on how cute babies are since they all look pretty much the same and they’re all pretty cute, but Vida is just stunning. I don’t know how she’ll age but in that first pic, she lovely. Levi is cute, but his little sis just dazzles. I’m glad we’ve gone some recent pics of her.

    • hlbronson

      I agree, I’m glad we’ve gotten to see some pics of her because she is beautiful! I am also curious to see how she will age and if her and Levi will begin to look alike, right now I don’t see it.

  • J.D.

    Wow, that is one beautiful baby. She has gorgeous eyes and such long eyelashes!

  • tkwe

    beautiful kids, especially lil vida. Don’t like their noses tough.

  • loveliason65

    WOW what a stunning child.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, little Vida is absolutely GORGEOUS! just like the rest of her family 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Vida is gorgeous, clean and very well maintained unlike Levi.

    • Anonymous

      “very well maintained”? She not a car, she’s a child.

      • tkwe

        i like levi’s style. At least, he does not wear those fancy/hundreds dollars clothes and they don’t dye his hair. But a haircut would do him good 😉

    • nosoupforyou

      He looks unkempt as usual.

  • melo1983

    Look at those big eyes!!! Beautiful.

  • T’s Mommy

    I co-sign all the statements about Vida being so gorgeous! They do make the prettiest babies 🙂

  • Natalie

    To be honest, yes Levi’s hair is long, but it’s not greasy or full of tangles, it’s just very wispy.

  • Valerie

    OMG this girl is just too precious and beautiful for words… Wow. I love this family… And just how down to earth they all are. Congrats Matt and Camilla… Lovely family.

  • Anonymous

    To Anonymous that posted at 2:54. You don’t have to be a car to talk about being maintained. See below:
    Definitions of maintain on the Web:

    keep: keep in a certain state, position, or activity; e.g., “keep clean”; “hold in place”

    Why don’t you go back to school?????


    I agree with Anonymous @ 2:43 – It’s a startling dichotomy because Levi always looks dirty and disheveled like a homeless street beggar and Vida is beautiful and dressed nicely.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, your name already says it all; unconsciously you know it by yourself: you are dirty and better have to stay out!!!!
      I honestly prefer Levi to those ridiculously forced-to-be-stylish kids whose parents try to compensate their own lack of character through the image of their kids.

      • Anonymous

        Hear hear!

    • Anonymous

      YOU get out! troll.

  • Lucia T.

    Vida is such a beautiful little baby!And Levi too, he just need a haircut haha

  • Anonymous

    Haha awe, the one picture of Muma and Vida making the same “B*tch I’ll cut you!” side-eye is adorable.

    • Alice

      lol, I actually looked for the pic after reading your comm – it’s priceless!!

  • Shirelle

    Vida is too cute!

  • Anonymous

    She’s very WEIRD

  • Anonymous

    Oh my goodness! Such big nose and lips.

  • Kimmy

    She looks more mixed race than her brother Levi.

  • Tazina

    Some really dumb comments on here! Levi and Vida are cute kids, both very well taken care of.

  • Anonymous

    Vida is seriously one of the most beautiful babies ever!!! So nice to see her in a classic smocked dress. She’s just stunning.

  • carolyn

    Wow, she’s beautiful!

  • Tiffany

    They just let Levi have this Bohemian look….he’s so cute. A little model in the making…..and Vida is gorgeous too.

  • Anonymous

    my new favorite celeb baby. vida is such a great name

  • An30

    I honestly prefer Levi to those ridiculously forced-to-be-stylish kids whose parents try to compensate their own lack of character through the image of their kids.


    Doesn’t the same apply to Levi and his parents? Because a two year old really knows all about the “bohemian” look? Not trying to be a jerk, just saying that up until a certain age (at least in the normal world), parents dictate or have control over the “style” of a child.

    • Anonymous

      i agree, 2 year olds dont have a ‘style’, they wear what you put on them.

  • Susan

    She’s cute!

  • Anonymous

    I like Levi’s funky style. He does not look dirty, come on now.

  • Sophia

    Awww Vida is stunning! Those wide, dark eyes and full lips are so beautiful! I don’t know why every time there’s a photo of Levi certain people have to kick up a fuss about his appearance. It’s actually kind of pathetic; squabbling over a 1-year-old’s clothing and hair. He looks like a real little boy- rather than an immaculately clean doll or a mannequin for the parents’ fashion tastes- and I think he always looks adorable, happy and loved. Both he and his sister are absolutely gorgeous children 🙂

  • Anonymous

    wow so many racist comments!yuck.

  • Hannah.J

    She is just beautiful they have a gorgeous family.

  • Anonymous

    Vida is cute but she is not beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    Vida is the most beautiful baby i’ve ever seen wow makes me want to have a baby for reals 🙂

  • Anonymous

    so beautiful aww

  • Anonymous

    She looks like a doll it’s unreal and levi is sooo CUTE beautiful family.

  • Anonymous

    look at those eyes!!!

  • Lioness

    I LOVE Vida’s shoes- they look so comfy and cute!! Echo everyone else, these are some gorgeous kids. I don’t ever think Levi looks dirty- he just wears layers. He always looks so comfortable and cute, I usually can’t object to anything he’s wearing. Anyway, love the pics!

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