Tori Spelling – Will Her Skinny Saga Affect Stella?

In the last year there have been confused and uncontrolled rumors about Tori Spelling‘s dramatic weight loss. In her new book, TerriTORI, she reveals why she shed so much weight. The mom of two admits she feels worried “every single day” about how the coverage will affect her daughter Stella, 2.

I’m so grateful that she can’t read yet,” Spelling says. “I’m hoping they’ll let up on that by the time she gets old enough to understand, but I’m going to have to explain to her that this is what happens.”

Spelling, 37, blames a number of factors for the dramatic weight loss: Swine flu, stomach pain, migraines and nerve problems. She told USA Today, “I’ve never had a great stomach, but (being ill) just completely tore up my stomach and broke down my immune system, and I’ve basically been a mess ever since, stomach-wise. It’s about rebuilding my immune system.”

As the rumors became heated, Spelling, star of a reality TV show with her husband Dean McDermott , Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, felt it necessary to go on record with a statement on Twitter announcing her weight to be 107 lbs. She said, “I’m a role model for a lot of women out there, so I hate that they say these things unwarranted, without any research and facts. I think it’s doing a disservice to women out there that look up to any celebrity.”

Spelling recently renewed her marriage vows. She shared her thoughts with US Weekly about the turbulent relationship they shared in the last year and said,

We had problems that we never thought we would have. We thought we had the perfect relationship. We realised we love each other, but the communication had completely broken down and a lot of our issues, honestly, came from parenting.

In addition she talked of her mother, Candy, from whom she used to be estranged. “We do talk on the phone. We do e-mail. We see each other for dinners. We do the normal stuff I think families do. There’s no strain. We’re still building our relationship, of course, but she’s great with the kids [Stella and Liam, 3]. She’s completely involved, which is all I ever wanted. We’re just moving forward.”

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  • Anonymous

    This picture is pathetic. What is she trying to prove?

  • Letibe


  • Grace

    I don’t think it’s the media coverage that will affect Stella, but rather having a mother who looks like a skeleton.

    • Shirilicious

      Indeed! Stella might not read yet but she can see how her mother looks and she looks horrible.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not just about being too skinny – it’s about having 2 beach balls implanted into your chest…..?!

    • Amélie i

      beach balls would even be better i think. At least she could inflate/deflate them so they look in proportion with the restof her body

  • Anonymous

    Has she ever been a healthy weight? I don’t believe her excuses. Yes, it will affect her daughter negatively unless she gets help.

  • Anonymous

    She looks horrible.

  • Dani

    Can’t say much about that picture except “ewww” and “gross”…what’s wrong with her?!

  • Jaclyn Rubly

    I think it’s from a ton of stress. Watch her show. She’s always up and around and doing things. She wants to be a supermom by writing a book, running a clothing line and a reality tv. It takes a toll on your body.

    I personally feel bad for her. She just wants to be a supermom and everything is just getting out of control.
    @CBFdaily <----t

  • Shannon

    She looks terrible. Sorry, but if you’re weight is that badly affected by the stress you’re under, and you’ve been sick, how about you step out of the limelight for 5 minutes, skip the next few “happy family” photo ops that come your way, and do something about it! Yeah, your daughter is going to be affected-when she starts thinking that all women should look like a skeleton! I don’t feel bad for her AT ALL. It’s her own darn fault.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a huge Tori fan and her parenting skills are lame (she spoils them now but wants to be tougher when they aren’t little anymore – good luck with that!) but based on her show she feeds those kids a variety of healthy and unhealthy foods. I think a parent’s weight has less to do with a child weight than the diet the child has. I’m a fat mom but my kids aren’t fat because I make sure they don’t get the same food issues that I have. Unlike Carnie Wilson who seems cool about letting her daughters have food issues just like her, Tori doesn’t seem obsessed about her weight so I don’t see Liam and Stella being that way either. Now will the grow up obsessed about fashion and their appearances, then yeah, that’s going to happen with a mom like Tori.

  • Taylor

    Stella is going to be f**ed up because she has been exploited her whole life by a mom who is desperate to be famous! Also, Tori is a bad parent who gives into her kid’s every whim so they are as spoiled as she was growing up, they have no schedule and are surrounded by a film crew and two gay men. rather than children their own age. Tori’s horrible plastic face and implants are enough to send Stella into a lifetime of therapy.

    • tif

      what does “two gay men” have to do with anything!?

      …oh, just your ignorance.

  • rachel s

    If she is SOOOO worried about how the media attention for being too thin will affect Stella why doesn’t Tori just gain a few pounds?? She could afford to put a few pounds on her bony frame. I’m sure its not healthy to be that thin, regardless if its an eating disorder or stomach problems.

  • Annonymous

    I agree with Rachel! Get help so you can eat! There are many facilities that treat eating disorders with doctors, therapists ( yes it is a mental disease ), and nutritionists. But she will have to be admitted for several months to really get better. However, the television crew can’t follow her there and that is her dilemma. She only does things that she can make money off of. Speculation about her weight and cheating husband keep her in the tabloids which is really her home sweet home!

  • Peta

    If she really does have digestive issues, I say some visits to specialists and well-needed time off are in order. With her money, she can well afford to do both and still have help looking after her children. What’s the sense with running around trying to be Ms. Famous Everything if it costs you your health?

    I know I’d be concerned if my weight plummeted to skeletal levels, tabloids or not.

  • popsykl

    i used to have an eating disorder and i too told people i was sick and that was the reason i was losing weight………………basically the lack of food is the reason, Tori just eat for stella, that is what she would want.

  • Taylor

    Role model? For whom? Anorexics, cheaters, home wreckers, talentless actors, people who exploit their children on reality TV, people with horse faces, uneducated nit wits, illiterates, people married to lazy gold diggers, skeletons, self absorbed narcissists, rich spoiled brats, spoiled brats who disrespect their parents, whiny naggers, trannies, people with bad plastic surgery, people with horrible implants, people with bulging guppy eyes, bold face liars….
    She isn’t a role model for anyone I know…thank God!

  • abby

    wow, such negativity..

  • Anonymous

    Tori loves the attention. It doesn’t matter if it is good or bad. She looks disgusting. It is only a matter of time before Dean leaves her.

  • Lioness

    I find the “sickness/stress” argument hard to believe. She looks like someone who is bedrest-sick, or like someone with an eating disorder. More like the latter to me, since she’s up and about. Calista Flockhart and Portia de Rossi both gave all those excuses too, before they finally admitted struggling with anorexia (in Calista’s case, she said it was “exercising too much” and “eating too little”). I hope she gets the help she needs- if not for her, then for her children.

  • peter

    Tori Spelling claims in her new book, ‘TerriTORI’ , that a combination of the Swine Flu, migraines, nerve problems and 3 rounds of antibiotics played a role in her drastic Weight Loss. “I’ve never had a great 250-270 stomach, but (being ill) just completely tore up my stomach and broke down my immune system, and I’ve 000-106 basically just been a mess ever since, stomach-wise,” she says. “It’s about rebuilding my immune system.” She was upset at rumors over her Weight

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