Macy Gray On Her Kids, Age Discrimination

It’s tough being a 42-year-old female singer/songwriter in the music industry – just ask Macy Gray! The busy single mother-of-three recently wrote about her kids and her experiences with age discrimination.

I am a single mother of three teenagers. My every day begins and ends with them. Breakfast – school – teachers – grades – basketball – piano – tennis – birthday parties – money – etc. The best part of the day is when they smile or laugh, because when they’re laughing or smiling, I know they’re OK. Even if its just for a minute, even if I don’t know what they’re happy about, it’s a relief. My biggest goal is to keep them talking, because that’s the only way I know what they’re thinking and what’s going on, so the most important thing I do all day, is listen.”

Macy went on to talk about her experiences as a recording artist in a youth-obsessed industry:

“The truth is that as a mother of three teenagers, I can tell you that the music industry drastically underestimates the souls of the young. And that there are over 40 million women, in the United States alone, in their 30s, 40s and beyond, that are starving to be musically inspired and lyrically represented. While the fans miss out on great music because of age discrimination, there is still BEAUTY IN THE WORLD.”

Macy is mom to three children with her ex-husband Tracy Hinds: daughters Aanisah, 15, Tahmel, 14, and son Happy a.k.a Cassius, 12.

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  1. layla

    Macy gray sucks. Her singing voice is whack. I don’t understand why people like her.

  2. Cari

    I don’t care for her as a singer, but I give her points for her comments about listening to her kids.

  3. Ondine

    Yes her voice is not the best but she is a gifted songwriter. For that reason her music and legacy will last for a long long time.

  4. Doretta

    Macy is a good person and a great mother..We were at the Jay Leno show and she was the featured singer and was GREAT !!!! I had always wanted to see her in person and she was great … Betty White was there also and the show was SUPER …Macy had a unique voice and I so love hearing it …Macy is a very special person and I hope she will do well with her children as she deserves that … GO MACY !!!! Love your CD’s……

  5. ricoh

    Macy is a very underrated singer,her voice is real,and it shows deep feeling,and spirt and soul. May God bless this women.

  6. Hawwa

    I lOVE MACY HER VOICE IS UNIQUE. Those that don’t like her doesn’t understand the essence of her uniqueness. Go MACY, Your neighbor from OHIO

  7. Rene'

    her voice is perfect for wat she sings, blues n pains, just like Billie Holiday

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