Amy Adams Steps Out In LA

New mom Amy Adams was without her 1-month-old daughter Aviana Olea yesterday as she left a doctor’s appointment in Los Angeles, California (June 17).

This is the first time we’ve seen the lovely Leap Year star since she and her fiancé Darren Le Gallo welcomed their baby girl in May. She looks wonderful!

Aviana is the first child for the couple, who have been together since 2002.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous


  • Courtney

    she does look great and like she’s snaped back into shape quickly which is harder to do at her age

  • Anonymous

    I wasn’t even able to get off the couch from nursing 25 hours a day until my son was 3 months old. How is this woman able to be out in public without her child attached to her?

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I can’t see any of her body inside that tent. Way to sell content, These comments are disgustingly nonobjective. How did you even get past the Captcha math requirement.

  • Courtney

    hello she probably breastfeeds and pumps for when she has to go out and do errands and such stars like her and bigger have breastfed their children for decades even on movie sets and backstage at awardshows and such so it’s not a new trend in hollywood though in the old days it could get you fired from a job if somebody that was uncomfortable with it caught you in the act like the late Lynn Redgrave for instance in 1972 was fired from a british TV series when a co-star tattled on her for breastfeeding her daughter Kelly in her dressing room in between rehersals and taping but she successfully sued the production company and producers for wrongful termination and won

    one thing she had in common with Amy was being a double oscar nominee who never won accept one of her nominations was for best actress and the other 33 years later was for supporting actress where both of Amy’s are for supporting actress

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