Jesse James: My Ex Should Not Have Visitation Rights

The ugly custody battle continues.

Jesse James argued that his ex-wife Janine Lindemulder should not be permitted visitation rights with their 6-year-old daughter Sunny in court this morning, TMZ reports. However, the judge denied Jesse’s claims that Janine should not see Sunny because of her alleged drug problems.

The existing order stands: Janine gets to visit periodically with Sunny.

Shortly after the judge’s ruling, TMZ obtained a copy of a letter that Jeremy Aikman – the husband of Janine – wrote to the court supporting Jesse’s position.

Janine is a very unstable person her moods change every 10 minutes it’s like she has multiple personalities,” Jeremy wrote. “She abuses every prescription she gets. She obtains prescriptions from the doctors for 20 vicodin and proceeds to get them off the street.”

Do you think Janine should have visitation rights with Sunny?

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  • melo1983

    HA! He’s got his nerves.

  • lora

    Yeah Janine should have visitation rights with Sunny. Poor Sunny

  • Natalie

    Everytime she sees Sunny it’s supervised, so I don’t see the problem. It’s not like she’s whisking her off for the weekend with no one to watch what they do.

  • Anonymous

    Of course she should see her own baby! What kind of a freak wont let his ex see HER daughter?! I mean how heartless 😮
    Also, what the hell is wrong with J’s current husband. Maybe he dosent want his step daughter around, I know those type of guys :/
    I hope her the best, it dosent matter her mood. Unless she or her daughter dont wan to see each other, I strongly feel that they should be together!
    But my opinion dosent matter in their life. Eh.

  • Shirilicious

    If a parent is mentally as unstable as Janine seems to be, then it’s best to keep contact to the child to a minimum. Just because she gave birth doesn’t mean she’s the perfect mother. And if she really cares about Sunny when how about cleaning up her act? But apparently drugs matter to her more.

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