Trista Sutter Reveals Father’s Day Plans For Ryan

Bachelorette star Trista Sutter is sharing her family’s favorite Father’s Day sundae recipe with Walmart – a great place to pick up all of the sundae necessities, like ice cream, chocolate sauce, cookies, and whipped cream.

Along with kids Max, 2 ½, and Blakesley, 1, Trista is planning to make hubby, Ryan Sutter, their “Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie Surprise” sundae for a special Father’s Day dessert. Trista talked to Celebrity Baby Scoop about their special Father’s Day plans and about Ryan’s unique relationship with each of their children.

CBS: Tell us all about the Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie Surprise recipe that you and the kids created for Ryan’s special Father’s Day treat. Does everyone in the family have a sweet tooth?

TS: “Well, we haven’t given Blakesley many sweets just yet, but if she is anything like her mother, father, or brother, she will DEFINITELY have a sweet tooth! Ryan and I would probably tie for the largest in the family, and because of that, I just thought it would be sweet to create something sweet for him for Father’s Day. Peanut butter and cookies are probably his 2 most favorite treats, and the oatmeal makes it seem just a little healthy, right?”

CBS: Besides enjoying some yummy treats, what are your other Father’s Day

TS: “We are actually joining 3 other families for our first official camping trip and we can’t wait! It will just be one overnight adventure, so we’ll see how it goes. The kids made Ryan something special, but I can’t reveal it until Father’s Day…just in case he sees this interview online!”

CBS: Does Ryan have a unique relationship with both Max and Blakesley? Tell us what Ryan loves to do with both the kids.

TS: “He does. Blakesley is a bit too small still for most of the things he would love to do with her, but so far I would say that his favorite time with her is on their ‘walks.’ He holds her hand and they stroll around the house and even though I know she could walk on her own, she just loves to have daddy’s help.

If they had a choice, Ryan and Max would surely be outside all day and every day, doing whatever they could to be boys. That means riding and cleaning bikes, running, jumping, hiking, playing in the dirt, looking at bugs, etc., etc. For me, it’s one of the best views in the world!”

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    Ryan and Max are the same eyes 🙂

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    please, someone talk me through the bow on the forehead thing?!

  3. Sophia

    God those two make the cutest kids!

    Anonymous 5:58, I don’t get it either!

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