Amy Weber On the Blessings Of Motherhood

Amy Weber is a producer, singer, model and actress who is also mom to 1-year-old twins Madison and Levi. She has appeared in shows such as CSI, Melrose Place, Saved by the Bell and Baywatch. The busy mother of multiples is set to host the new reality series, Good Samaritans, which puts ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. Amy opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her new show, album and book, and how motherhood has helped heal her past.

CBS: You are an actress, singer, model and producer. Not to mention you are also mom to 1-year-old twins. How do you balance your busy life?

AW: “Hahaha.. I am still trying to find that ‘balance’ that I know exists! I just do my best and take it day by day. I am really hard on myself so I am trying to relax a little and not stress if I don’t make all of the babies’ food or forget a load of laundry every now and then.”

CBS: Please tell us about your twins.

AW: “I have a baby girl named Madison Grace and a boy named Levi. Mad likes dance and she crawls 100 mph now and Levi is into cruising around the furniture and he loves to play with puzzles. They both love to laugh and they are starting to talk to each other and chase each other around…it is the funniest thing I have ever seen! I laugh until I cry almost every day with them.”

CBS: How has motherhood changed you?

AW: I am such a natural perfectionist, and with kids there is no such thing as perfect. So I have had to let go a little which is healthier for me in all aspects of my life.

I have become much more patient and also learned that you can come out of an unhealthy childhood and you don’t have to repeat the mistakes that were made with you. I was so scared of becoming a parent, but it has been such a blessing.”

CBS: Please tell us about your experiences in the WWE.

AW: “I don’t mean this in a derogatory way, but it literally was like joining the circus. You have to learn how to live on the road and that was not something that I enjoyed. I was in a different city every few days, so I would come home and unpack and re-pack. It was challenging. The mentality is totally different than what I was used to but it also helped me grow as a person and as a woman. It was the start of me truly realizing my self-worth as a human being and I grew so much from that experience.”

CBS: We hear you’re the hosting a new reality series about helping those in need. Please tell us all about your new show.

AW: The show is called Good Samaritans. It is a hidden camera show that puts ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances to see just how far they are willing to go to help their fellow man or woman. I love how much heart this show has, especially in an environment lately filled with watching the destruction of people and their emotions. It is amazing how we judge one another and also how incredibly giving some people can be. It really tears at your heartstrings!”

CBS: We love your single Ghost! Tell us about your new album.

A) My new CD Something Kinda OOH just got released by Universal. It hit iTunes this week! I was so fortunate to work with the Grammy winning “Klubjumpers” and Tracy Young – Madonna’s personal DJ. I am very proud of it.”

CBS: Tell us about the guide you wrote, Making it in Show Biz. What inspired you to write the guide?

AW: “An Insider’s Guide to Making it in Show Business just came out on and it was a true labor of love. After spending years as a model, actress, host and producer as well as a modeling agency owner, I felt like I had a lot of knowledge that I wanted to share with others. I know that I made some mistakes during the course of pursuing my dreams and some were very costly. When I opened the modeling agency, it was based on the same principle so when I decided to sell it, I didn’t want what I had learned along the way to get lost and felt like it was important to pay it forward. It is a no-nonsense guide for people who want to break into the business as an actor/actress or model or for those who aren’t getting the results that they want.”

CBS: If you are working on any other projects or with any charities, please feel free to discuss.

AW: “I am currently attached to another feature film that I will serve as producer on as well as in front of the camera playing a psychiatrist. We are set to start shooting in October.

I support a number of charities including the ASPCA and Friends for Pets. I am hoping to work with PETA someday too!

I always update my website as well as my blog.”

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