Bryce Dallas Howard Diagosed With Rare Condition Postpartum

It has been three years since Eclipse actress Bryce Dallas Howard welcomed son Theo into her life, and before this time and throughout her pregnancy, the actress was a loyal vegan. Howard has called her choice to be vegan, “more of a personal choice than a health choice,” though she enjoyed the “wonderful health benefits” associated with the diet/lifestyle.

In an interview with Self magazine, the 29-year-old opened up about having to alter her diet after being diagnosed with a rare condition postpartum, saying,

Unfortunately, I learned a few months after my son’s birth that I actually had a rare condition that was triggered by pregnancy, where consuming the amino acids from meat became critical to my health. My doctor sat me down and finally said, ‘Bryce, you need to choose between your ethics and your future.’”

The actress then opened up about making the switch, “It was actually a very challenging and emotional transition to make, but I was grateful to my doctor for putting things in perspective for me, and I was grateful for my time as a Vegan as I now have such a more profound appreciation for where my food comes from.”

Howard, who takes over the role of the villain vampire Victoria in the latest installment of the Twilight saga, has been married to Dirty Sexy Money star Seth Gabel for four years.

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  • mhm90

    Im sorry, but english being my second language, does this mean she now eats meat, or is a vegan because of what her doctor told her?


    • Anonymous

      She was previously a vegan for philosophical reasons, but now has to eat meat for health reasons because her body needs certain amino acids from meat.

  • Anonymous

    You know what?

    I really wanna know the name of said condition…

  • Anonymous

    I dont know the name of it, but it does exist. A good friend of mine has the same condition, and lost several pregnancies until they diagnosed her.

  • whatevs

    umm..yeah. i dont think you don’t need to be a “vegan” to appreciate where your food comes from. i’ve eaten meats all my life and made sure i was eating healthy. it has a lot to do with how your raised and what you’ve been fed since your younger years maybe not all but it does influence you a great deal. i really don’t get this vegan mentality and never plan to…it’s just too weird.

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