Holly Madison Wants A “Traditional Family” In Las Vegas

While Holly Madison, reality star and former girlfriend to Hugh Hefner, may have picked an odd place to settle down; don’t think her home in Las Vegas means she wants to continue to live the party girl life she enjoyed with Hef.

Holly told the morning show at 104.3 MY FM that she does miss her old days in the Playboy mansion, but she wants to move on, start a family, and have a “normal marriage.” I’m guessing Holly doesn’t want to share her future husband with two other women, like she did with Hugh Hefner.

She bought a house in Las Vegas, where she can be seen performing burlesque in Peep Show, a performance at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino. She says she “loves Las Vegas” and is there to stay, hoping to “start a traditional family.” Holly also has a new reality show, Holly’s World, which airs on E!.

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  • Anonymous

    Blech. She looks so awful. It makes me sad that this is what some people consider beautiful. Hope she finds real happiness.

  • mslewis

    Actually, away from the Strip, Las Vegas is a nice city. There are lakes and mountains and tons of open spaces. People who live there love it and people who don’t live there think only gamblers and hookers would live in Vegas. It’s really fun to go there for vacation and get away from the glitter to see how people actually live.

  • Anonymous

    Ever notice it’s women like her that want a “traditional” family because it sounds appealing?

  • notachance

    sorry lady but you can’t raise a traditional family in sodom and gomorrah. God sets himself apart from sin and a traditional family honors God.

    • Anonymous

      A “traditional family” doesn’t have to have anything to do with god. Lots of people have traditional families without shackling themselves to a belief in a fairy tale.

    • AnnieMouse

      Honestly…what is a traditional family these days? A truly religious family is no longer “traditional”. This is just an assumption, but I’m guessing you have major issues with same sex families and/or single parent families too seeing as how they’re “sinful” and don’t necessarily “honor God” in the way the Bible teaches…

    • Lioness

      Why is it that the people who preach the loudest always seem to know the least? You obviously know nothing about Vegas- I live here and I can tell you it’s far from Sodom and Gomorrah. The large Mormon population here can attest to that. In fact, outside of the Strip, the activities and culture and lifestyle here are almost solely geared toward families and family life. A very boring place if you’re not into gambling/clubs and if you don’t have a family- TRUST me.

  • Anonymous

    My normal people with families live in Las Vegas!

  • Anonymous

    Oops many that is…

  • Lioness

    I live in Vegas, and I find it to be great for families; outside of the Strip, Vegas is one great big suburb. They’ve got a long way to go if they want to compete with other cities, though.

  • Anonymous

    Holly Madison is everything I teach my 3 girls NOT TO BE.

  • Izzy

    #1 Vegas is not a bad place to raise a family. So many people think Las Vegas is ONLY the strip. Away from the strip we are your average town.
    #2 Holly has just as much right to have a “traditional” family as anyone else. Just because she happens to get naked for a living doesn’t man she doesn’t deserve a family. If you knew anything about Holly you’d know she loves children and does A LOT to help our community.

    WHY do people feel Holly is everything girls shouldnt be? She’s smart, she cares about others, she helps her community,She loves her friends and family…… You want to teach your girls to NOT be those things? Oh wait i forgot people only see the fact she happens to get topless for her job and dated an older man. *rolling eyes*

    Holly helped out getting toys donated for needy kids at Christmas.

  • Matthew

    Actually notachance.. Jesus hung around with a prostitute and its been told he would associate with so called “sinners” more than a self righteous person like YOU and YOUR kind! The attitude you have is the exact reason I want nothing to do with church or religion. I just moved to Vegas and its like any other town just with casinos. This isnt the Last Stand written by steven king. I dont know if Ill stay here but you can get a really awesome house for next to nothing and its not expensive to live here and there are lakes and mountains and other things to do. I again could care less about church or religion or christians but you are talking about something you have no education about! Thats so typical of a “christian”!

  • Matthew

    So if you teach your kids ” NOT” to be like Holly Madison then Im betting your kids are judgemental, self righteous, hypocritical, bigot, liars. Holly is NONE of those things! It amazes me how people calling themselves christians are supposed to be none of what I just mentioned yet are ALL OF THOSE THINGS! I feel sorry for any kid who grows up in that life! Id rather associate with Holly ANYDAY over the self righteous lying christians!

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