Jennifer Garner & Seraphina Horse Around

Jennifer Garner spent some quality time with her youngest daughter Seraphina, 17 months, in Brentwood, California this morning (June 21). The duo visited a nearby equestrian center and enjoyed petting the the horses.

Once again, we couldn’t help but notice a possible baby bump on the 38-year-old Alias star. We’re hoping to hear an announcement soon!

Jennifer and her husband Ben Affleck are also parents to 4 1/2-year-old daughter Violet.

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Photo credit: Fame

  • klutzy_girl

    I keep going back and forth on whether or not she’s pregnant again! Candids of her by herself walking yesterday seem to indicate she is, but yesterday at the farmer’s market, she really didn’t look it.

    And it definitely looks like she could be here, but maybe the wind was blowing in that last picture. I don’t know.

    I really hope there’s another Affleck on the way, and that they’ll have a boy!

  • Anonymous

    Oh for god’s sake. Hasn’t anyone here ever had a shirt bunch or balloon up? It’s just an illusion, and it is obviously what is happening in that one photo, and in another she’s clearly jutting her hips forward for balance, making it look like she has a stomach. She’s looked exactly the same for months on end. It’s really bizarre how you keep pushing this in virtually every single post about her.

    • Anonymous

      And yet you go on the comments searching for someone else’s comment to comment upon!! Talk about bizarre.

      Definitely pregnant!

      • Anonymous

        What are you even talking about? This was a comment on the original post.

  • Anonymous

    beautiful mother and daughter!

  • Tazina

    There are also photos from I think yesterday of Jennifer and the girls at the farmer’s market and there is zero baby bump. I do not think she is pregnant.

  • klutzy_girl

    Here’s a photo that may land everyone firmly in the “pregnant” camp:

    • Anonymous

      Not really, no.

  • Anonymous

    She is simply guilty of bad dressing.

  • Anna

    I think it’s sick how people are always saying she’s pregnant. The red circles around her stomach area are awful!

  • Fifi

    I’ll believe it when I see another baby.

  • Anonymous

    Seraphina is looking at that horse as if she can’t make her mind up about liking him or not. Cute pictures.

    I think most people are hoping Jen and Ben will have another baby. This is why people are trying to guess if Jen has a bump. I don’t think it is and insult to Jen. Most of us want to be excited and happy for them. Plus, I’m rooting for boy next time. I would love to see a little Ben added to their beautiful family. Only time or a statement from the Afflecks’ will confirm a baby bump.

    • Anonymous

      Why can’t you just wait until she announces something, if it ever happens? I mean, she’s a total stranger. You don’t know her. Don’t you think it’s a little weird to be so invested in whether or not she has another baby? It’s one thing to be curious and to look at the pictures, but to actually care about and hope that a total stranger is pregnant is really strange.

      • Anonymous

        So is caring what other people are commenting on! Do you get that?

        • Anonymous

          Right, because having an opinion about what someone else has said about something is exactly the same as having an emotional investment in the reproductive choices of total strangers. I hope you don’t have a job that requires critical thinking skills.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Seraphina looks so much like Violet. It’s almost like having twins born 3 years apart. lol

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