Katie Holmes Cuddles Her Cutie

Four-year-old Suri Cruise cuddled up to her mom Katie Holmes as they left their hotel in New York City this afternoon (June 21). Katie’s 17-year-old stepdaughter Isabella also joined the pair on their outing.

Last week the Mad Money star was on the red carpet in Seville, Spain, where she donned an Azzedine Alaïa mini for the premiere of her husband Tom Cruise’s new film Knight and Day.

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  • Anonymous

    Going by her wardrobe, I’m going to guess this picture was taken in about, say 1979?

    • Mel

      Hahahahaha, open a big smile right now LOL

  • CDionFan21

    oh big shock Suri got her way and got to wear pj’s out, again. *roll eyes*

    • alicia

      no doubt!!! UGH!

  • Francesca

    OMG! That’s Isabella in the background?!

  • Fifi

    I know Tom claims Suri isn’t bothered by the paparazzi, but it certainly seems like they bother her a lot.

    • alicia

      Tom is in total denial!!! He is a shitty parent too. Suri is such a spoiled brat!!!

  • melo1983

    tom is obviously not well. isabella is beatufiul young woman.

    • Angelina

      Put your glasses back on darling.

  • Bren

    Poor little girl, she looks scared and to say she is a spoiled brat is a bit rude. How would you know if she is a brat? So rude.

    • alicia

      OH please! It’s so obvious and so NOT rude.

      • Anonymous

        Attacking a child is rude. Who do u think u r?

        • Angelina

          Don’t worry, Suri Cruise isn’t old enough use the internet. She won’t be aware of the “attack”. And when she is, she’ll be old enough to know that people don’t like brats and will be able to change her bratty behaviour if she still has it.

          • Anonymous

            a fairly large curmudgeon girl who tends to harrass little children preferbaly boys!! who also is a fatass who tends to irrate everybody!! she gives you the feeling of a haggart *which is the feeling of a edlerly women sitting on your chest!! and eats all day!!
            good day.

          • anonymous

            Gawd…..get a life!

          • anonymous

            OK, your such a weirdo!

          • Anonymous

            and you are a hag.

  • Sophia

    Wow, nice comments all round. Really great to see.
    I think that they all look lovely, and none of us has any grounds on which to base judgments about Suri’s behaviour.

    • Louise

      You’re so right!

  • Anonymous123

    Isabella looks terrible. :-\

  • Lioness

    People absolutely love to take shots at this family, it’s amazing. Not sure why it matters to anyone that Suri is wearing PJs- I mean really, who honestly gives a sh!t? It’s getting almost boring already.

    On another note, I think Isabella’s haircut is very cute 🙂

  • Francesca

    Isabella doesn’t look healthy at all.

  • Anonymous

    isabella is overweight in a very fit and appearance obsessed family. it can’t be easy. i always wonder if she has issues with depression…

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