Padma Lakshmi: Everything Is Better With Krishna Around

Padma Lakshmi is currently enjoying her sixth season as a host on the hit Bravo reality series Top Chef, taking on hosting duty after the first season. Along with her thriving career – including her own line of spices, tea, and bakeware – the 39-year-old former model also welcomed daughter Krishna Thea four months ago. In an interview with Popeater, the new mom is dishing on how life has changed since her birth.

On the best thing about being a mom: “Everything. Everything is better with her around. Anything from the beginning of the day till the end.”

On putting her daughter first and being single: Right now I’m excited about making my daughter happy. Honestly, I live and die by the tiniest gestures and expressions on her face. I don’t really have any attention span for anything else than her. Well, I do for my work, but someone was asking me this the other day, if my perspective about work had shifted, and it has. It’s not that I’m not still interested in being good at my work and that I’m not ambitious, it’s just for different reasons. Now, I want to do it so she’ll be proud of me.”

For the complete interview head over to Popeater…

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  1. katie

    Doesn’t surprise me…kids do make everything better. Their energy and beauty is infectious!

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