Showbiz Naughty Nannies Tell-All

In Touch interviewed several nannies who have worked for the rich and famous. Though it is usual to sign confidentiality agreements to work for A-listers, these naughty nannies bared their secrets and revealed that working for celebrities isn’t always as glamorous as it looks.

Unlike some other Hollywood heavyweights, Madonna reportedly runs a strict and healthy household. According to Angela Jacobsen, the former nanny to Madonna’s adopted son David, 4, the family follows a strict kosher and macrobiotic diet. This means no salt, sugar or fast food. The children – also including Lourdes, 13, Rocco, 9, and Mercy, 4 – are not permitted access to TV, magazines or newspapers.

In contrast, according to a nanny who previously worked for Anglina Jolie and Brad Pitt, things here are somewhat more chaotic. She reports that, “The kids are wild in the morning, running into Brad and Angelina’s room to attack them, pull her hair and jump on him.” She also said that, because the family often sleeps in one big bed, the children – Maddox, 7, Pax, 5, Zahara, 4, Shiloh, 4, and one year old twins, Vivienne and Knox – have become very needy.

Kelly Bensimon, of The Real Housewives of New York City, reportedly has her own way of dealing with the stresses of motherhood and, according to a former nanny, starts her day by spiking her coffee with tequila. The nanny, who was hired in 2009 to watch Bensimon’s two children Sea, 12, and Teddy, 10, said that even the neighbors thought that the reality show star was a bit high-maintenance. “They said, ‘You’re the fourth person in the last six months to work for her,'” she claims, adding that she thinks that Kelly is “crazy.”

Courtney Love has left her daughter in the care of others right from the beginning. One of the dozens of different nannies who was responsible for raising Frances, 17, said, “In my opinion, there really wasn’t any parenting involved. She was not ever really there, mentally.”

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  • Hanh

    How does sleeping in one bed (aka snuggling) make children needy???!!! I think that’s awesome that they have such a close and lovingly affectionate family. Being very affectionate does not make your child needy! Not being affectionate enough is what makes them needy because they starve for your attention.

  • Nelly

    Hanh is right!! It’s recent in history that children and family could afford to sleep in separate rooms..

  • nanpan

    Agree with Hanh. Also, can’t believe Madonna doesn’t let her kids read the news! That’s a bit much.

    • Anonymous

      They don’t read stuff that has gossip and a lot of “papers” (UK and NYC ones) are filled with yellow journalism and sensationalism.

  • raven

    I don’t see how the supposed “nanny” of Anglina Jolie and Brad Pitt little tell all is any big deal. Both Anglina Jolie and Brad Pitt both talk about how they have special day were they allow their kids to sleep in their bed with them. They also talked about how the kids are always in out of their room but always knock first. A lot of kids do what the Jolie-Pitt kids do to wake their parents up I don’t see how that needy it just sounds like they love being around their parents and spending time together.

  • Anonymous

    Jeeze baby scoop, u all ran out of stories to run that you had to resurrect this lying crap from Lies & Sh_t again. I bet if it was negativity about Jennifer Garner u all wouldn’t even run this story once, to even run it a second time.

  • Danielle

    Ergh doesnt surprise me about Madonna, she has been quoted about some of those views anyway. Find it hilarious that she is a media *hor* and even made her children’s books into dvd’s. Ok for other peoples kids to suck up the media just not hers. grr Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with kids sat there like zombies day in day out but banning these things is extreme in this day and age, especially for Lourdes at 13.

    Angelina’s children may be needy but it will have nothing to do with whether they co-sleep. Adopted children will always be more needy having not had the foundation they need from birth. And the only stability all the children have is their parents, as they move from place to place, so seem to needy with their parents.

    • Anonymous

      Madonna’s books were not made into DVDs. Her kids do watch movies and see shows on DVD, but they do so in moderation during the weekends when they don’t have school work and have earned privileges. They read books, play sports, dance, play musical instruments, and do other healthy and creative stuff on a daily basis, there is no need for them to be couch potatoes and hinder their imagination sitting in front of a TV or computer all the time.

  • Grace

    All of the nanny “revelations” seem like information that I’ve read from other sources (in the case of the Madonna stuff, from her own interviews) or stuff that a person could pretty much figure out just by looking at the people (i.e. that Courtney Love is an absent mother) so I highly doubt that this story came from the actual nannies.

  • Mihay

    I was under the impression that nannies had to sign some kind of confidentiality clause or something. Is that not true? Or just not with all of them.

  • Hannah.J

    Alot of people think the these celebrities that are adopting are giving these kids the best but how do we know that they aren’t Mommy dearest.

  • mslewis

    This whole story is just BS!! No nanny gave any interview. These stories were cut and pasted from old interviews with Angelina and Brad and Madonna. I can’t believe a legatimate site would even reprint this stuff as if it was new. And since when is having your child in the same bed “needy”? Or not allowing your child to watch TV or eat junk food bad for them? Ridiculous!!

  • Anonymous

    This is the first I’m hearing about Kelly Bensimon and her morning shot of tequila.

  • Anonymous

    Funny how Madonna who has and continues to poison the minds of so many young people could be so strict with hers? She is in for a rude awakening when all those kids discover who she really is. There isn’t any way those kids will not rebel. It is inevitable!

  • Anonymous

    No kids can become very needy if you let them sleep in your bed. Usually it has nothing to do with closeness, it is more not wanting to deal with them screaming as they learn how to self soothe. People don’t realize the damage, but if kids are taught at a young age to cling to mommy and daddy every waking moment when they are around, then those kids will feel insecure and abandoned when their parents leave. I can only imagine that brad and Angelina co-sleep with their kids because they feel like they are making up for the time they miss with them when they are repeatedly not there. Its really not that far fetched, kids flip out and throw tantrums more often when boundaries are not set up, and parents give in because they can’t handle the craziness and feel guilty which allows the child to get even more needy because they feel by freaking out they have convinced their parents to not abandon them. I am not a know it all though, I have just researched and observed it. But yeah, who knows even if these nannies are real? Could be made up.

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