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Leave it to Holland, the land of bicycles, to come up with this handy new bike/stroller combination. Taga is a whole new way to travel and a whole new way for you and your child to experience the world. Taga combines the fun of a bicycle with the functionality of a luxury stroller, it’s exercise, sightseeing, and running errands all-in-one.

Every ride is a joy you share. Unlike in a bike trailer or regular child bike seat, your little one rides right between your arms. Be in the moment on the bike path or in the park, Taga’s 3-wheel carrier bike design lets you ride with confidence. When you get to where you’re going, toggle effortlessly to stroller mode to go shopping or pop in for a latte. Then when it’s time to go, toggle back to a bike. You’ll pedal with the satisfaction of knowing Taga’s good exercise – and good for the environment, too.

An eco-conscious alternative to that stretch limo, Taga not only takes families from doorstep to destination by toggling from a bike to a stroller, it also supports the earth by reducing the carbon footprints that gas-powered vehicles leave behind.

This new mode of transportation has hit Hollywood by storm. Celebrities like Kelly Rutherford, Tori Spelling, Neal McDonough, Matthew McConaughey, and Denise Richards have been seen toting their little tots around on the Taga.

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