The Rossdale Brothers Visit The Zoo

Four-year-old Kingston took his little brother Zuma for a spin as the boys, along with a nanny, visited the Los Angeles Zoo yesterday (June 21). Parents Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale weren’t spotted on the outing.

Zuma, who celebrated his first birthday last August, was wearing a cute T that read, “Good life begins at 1!” Here’s a flashback: Kingston wore the same shirt to mark his birthday three years ago!

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Photo credit: Fame Pictures


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  1. Anonymous

    So cute ! I love Rossdale Brothers <3

  2. Anonymous123

    These brothers are very adorable. <3
    Kingston doesn't seem to like the Paps very much!!

  3. Anonymous

    Kingston’s hair is back to it’s natural color! Woohoo!!!!!!!


    The 2 cutest kids in Hollywood.

  5. Anonymous

    Anyone know where to buy that tshirt?

  6. freya

    which one? because I know that Kingston’s is all saints don’t know about the other one though sorry x

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