Amy Adams & Her Happy Family

New parents Amy Adams and Darren Le Gallo were spotted on their way into a medical clinic in Los Angeles, California yesterday with their 1-month-old daughter Aviana Olea in tow (June 22). Baby Aviana kept covered up in her carseat – though we did get a glimpse of a pair of very tiny pink feet!

Aviana, who was born on May 15, is the first child for the 35-year-old Leap Year star and her longtime love.

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Photo credit: Flynet Pictures

  • Courtney

    Amy and Darren look so happy to be parents and this only makes me more excited to see the first pics of aviana’s face

  • Anonymous

    Loves her, she seems so happy. Can’t wait to see the baby!!

  • Courtney

    they seem like a low key couple so you can’t blame them for not showing their child off so young like other more desperate for attention celebrities like Bethenny Frankel and Jennifer Lopez do/did we’ll get to see Aviana’s face in do time I’ll bet she looks like Darren as girls usually favor their father when their a baby and then when they mature into a teenager/adult they look more like their mother like for instance Tessa Dahl looked more like her dad Roald when she was little but when she started modeling as a teenager in the mid 1970’s she’d matured into a minature of her mother academy award winning actress Patricia Neal simillar to how Nell Newman is of her Mother also an academy award winning actress Joanne Woodward


    Amy Adams looks exactly like Lisa on General Hospital…!!!!!! Wonder if
    they are related..

  • Courtney

    yeah Amy does share an uncanny resemblance to Lisa on General hospital or another film television character she reminds me of is Guenevere from the legend of king arthur particularly of the actress that played her in the film camelot Vanessa Redgrave because of the pale skin red hair and blue eyes all though Redgrave would’ve had 4 kids by the time she was Amy’s age had she not miscarried her fourth the year before and of course also she actually won an oscar where Amy has yet to do that

  • asheena

    i love you so very much and your songs too

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