Nicole Richie’s Probation Extended After Babies

Only four years ago Nicole Richie was best known for her hard partying ways and her tumultuous friendship with socialite with Paris Hilton. Since this time she has transformed into a doting mother, a loyal partner to fiance Joel Madden, and a savvy and successful businesswoman.

She received her second DUI in 2006 when she famously drove on the wrong side of the freeway in Los Angeles, and was put on probation and forced to take alcohol-education classes at that time. After becoming pregnant with 2-year-old Harlow, the court granted her a leave of absence to “deliver and care for” Harlow and younger child, Sparrow.

Though her probation was set to be completed by now, her leave caused a delay and her probation has now been extended until March, 2011, TMZ is reporting. An alcohol ed report states that “Her attitude is excellent,” and the judge as also said that they will terminate her parole if she does complete the program before March.

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  • Shirilicious

    So the court granted her a leave of absence because she has two kids and therefore apparently no time for alcohol education classes? But she always has the time to walk the red carpet? She’s basically a stay at home mom with a partner who hasn’t been working that much the past two years, has help around the house and nannies but she can’t afford the time for weekly two hour classes? Puhleeease!

  • Shaz

    She’s been really good. At least she learn’t her lesson and is continuing the classes, unlike Lindsay Lohan who keeps going around in circles.

    • Grace

      I think it’s beside the point that she’s behaved. She should be held to the same standards that everyone else who commits that same crime would be held to, and I don’t believe others would be allowed a leave of absence to “raise their children” and I also don’t believe she legitimately needs a leave of absence, she’s just using her children as an excuse. She finds time to design clothes, jewerly, go to tons of red carpet events, etc. So there’s no reason why she can’t squeeze in a little time to complete the classes. It’s ironic that a poor mother who would have to struggle to pay for a sitter to show up to the classes would be expected to show up anyway and yet a rich celebrity who has nannies at their disposal is getting excused.

      • Peta

        Well said.


    I totally agree with Grace. Why should she get special treatment? Who is she? If it were me or you, we wouldn’t be allowed to “raise our children”.

  • krissy

    This woman is trying to get her life together, and be a mother to her children, she’s black and that’s why they are giving her a hard time!!! Blacks and the justice system don’t mix, and never will ….to much prejudice!!!!!

    • Peta

      If they were giving her a ‘hard time’, she would have been serving time for not following through with her requirements. But if playing the race card makes you sleep at night, then play away.

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