Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

Aviana rides in a Graco Snigride 32 Infant Carseat in Rittenhouse – $153.54, that is covered with a Snuggle Me’z Carseat Cover in Chee Chee – $70

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  • Courtney

    the carseat cover is adorable though parents celeb or not have used greco carseats for decades even my own parents used a greco carseat for myself and my baby brother 25 and 23 years ago respectively

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, Graco is the way to go IMO. Due to their almost univeral popularity I’ve found they are far more likely to be cross compatible with your friends carseat base… which occasionally comes in handy if you need to borrow their car or something weird.

    Example: my sister in AZ can put her old base in her van when we visit so we don’t have to swap it back and forth.



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