Mo’s Nose: A Scent-sational Children’s Book Series

Most of us are familiar with reading a book. But what about smelling a book? Now you can engage your kids in reading by using both their eyes and their nose. The Mo’s Nose series of children’s books take readers of all ages on a scentsational adventure through vibrant scents and hues, each emphasizing a different theme such as Love (Red), the environment (Green), Charity (Holidays) and Blue (Freedom).

When we asked actress and one of our favorite celebrity moms, Liv Tyler, about Mo’s Nose, she told us, “I love this book especially for how it includes aromatherapy”. Other Hollywood moms like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Garner and Gabby Reese have become enthusiasts as well.

Mo’s Nose follows a rescue dog named Mo on a journey as he discovers the wonderment of colors through his nose, letting children explore the world through a heightened sense of smell, much like Mo. The newest book in the series, Mo Smells Blue was just released this month. The creators of the Mo’s Nose series, author, Margaret Hyde and illustrator, Amanda Giacomini, have released four books in the series of collectable books: Mo Smells Red, Mo Smells Green, Mo Smells the Holidays, and Mo Smells Blue with more to come!

Mo Smells Blue features a unique Press-2-Smell feature that allows readers of all ages to smell and experience all the blue aromas Mo discovers in this scentsational journey. Featuring 100% pure essential aromatherapy oils by the scent gurus at Aura Cacia, Mo sniffs out all the exhilarating blues that surround them from the briny Blue sea to the big Blue sky to island sweet Blue lotion and finally to freedom itself!

Reflecting a charitable tone, a portion of the proceeds from all Mo Nose books will go to the Best Friends Animal Society and support their initiatives to work with humane groups across the country — to work towards a time when there are no more homeless pets. The books are eco-friendly printed on recycled paper, in soy ink and in the US to limit the carbon footprint.

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