Alicia Keys Rocks Her Bump

Alicia Keys rocked her baby bump today (June 25) while performing on ABC’s Good Morning America in New York City.

While on the show, the mom-to-be revealed she is “right about” five months pregnant.

In May, Keys, 29, and producer Swizz Beatz, 31, announced their baby and engagement news.

This is the first child for the singer; Beatz, 31, is father to sons Kaseem Jr. and Prince, both from prior relationships.

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  1. Courtney

    no actually she’s 5 1/2 months simillar to what Joanne Woodward would’ve been when she won her best actress academy award in March 1958 had she not miscarried on her & Paul Newman’s honeymoon in London 6 weeks earlier so she should count her blessings that nothing has gone wrong granted Newman & Woodward got to grieve for their loss in private where if god forbid it happened to Alicia and Swizz when through it now they’d have to talk about it everywhere

  2. Anonymous

    She looks so beautiful ! Hope for a boy …

  3. Anonymous

    romper = not a good pregnancy look.

  4. Anonymous

    How cute does she look!!! aw they’ll have a beautiful baby

  5. Courtney

    she did that for comfort not looks

  6. Anonymous

    i also hope it’s a girl

  7. Chelsea Marler

    omg.. Alicia Keys your so cute pregnant & your just so gorgeous period.. & your such a great singer.. keep on keepin on girl.. Congrats on the baby.. I no i’ve enjoyed my 7 month old baby girl..! anyways your going 2 love being a mommy yourself girl..!
    ♥Chelsea Lynn Marler- Rodriguez

  8. Anonymous

    hope its a girl
    but she will be a really good mum to any child sooo it dosent reall matter

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