Candace Cameron Bure Talks Family & Facebook

Candace Cameron Bure and her gorgeous family are featured in the June/July 2010 issue of Parents Canada magazine. The former Full House star opens up about her happy home life with her husband Valeri Bure and their kids Natasha, 11, Lev, 10 and Maksim, 8, and shares her thoughts on parenting in today’s technology-laden world.

On her cell-phone free kids: “Almost all of my daughter’s friends have one. So I hear it almost everyday, ‘But mom, I’m the only one left in school that doesn’t have my own cell phone.’ I’m like, ‘Great! Good for all of them.’ It doesn’t convince me to give her a cell phone. Sure, a phone can be convenient at times. We have a spare cell phone with a number that is not used very often. So, if our kids are somewhere that we feel they need to have a phone, I can give them that phone. But really, it doesn’t happen often. My son is in the fourth grade and I would say that 50 percent of the kids in his class have their own cell phone. Fourth grade. Nine- and ten-year-olds. They have iPhones!”

On Facebook & Twitter: “No! [My daughter] doesn’t have a Facebook account or a Twitter account. She doesn’t even have her own computer. This was the first year we allowed her to have an email address and that’s because her school is very progressive with computers and doing work online. I am so overly protective when it comes to technology because there are so many dangers associated with it. We have had a few instances in our family where our children have seen inappropriate things on the Internet. We monitor it as closely as we can. At this age there is not a chance she will have a Facebook account. The more kids that have Facebook or Myspace and the more parents that allow it makes it that much harder for the parents that don’t want their kids to have it. There is pressure from the other kids upon our own kids. It gets tough.”

On their summer plans: “We are incredibly involved with our kids, especially in the summer. For the most part, we are home every day with them. Living in L.A., we are at the beach every single day. Our house is only three blocks away from the beach, so we are pretty much beach bums. We boogie board and skim board and throw the football and Frisbee. We are a really, really active family. We are with our kids practically 24-7. I think my kids would probably like to get away for a week or so to a camp, because they probably get tired of being with us all the time, but I love it. The time passes by so fast, especially as a parent and you see your kids growing every year. I just want to spend as much time with them and enjoy every year as much as I possibly can.”

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Photo credit: Parents Canada, June/July 2010

  • Anonymous

    Good for her on the cell phone. My fifteen year old son is probably the only kid in his high school not to have a cell phone. Big deal. I went through high school without a cell phone because we didn’t have them back then and I never missed out. Neither does he. Kids always want the newest gadget and parents always want to seem cool. I’m happy being uncool.

    • Michaela

      You didn’t miss out? Well, obviously. There’s no way for you to miss something if it doesn’t exist.

      • Anonymous

        That is not the point, Michaela. The point is that a child can survive without participating in wanting to have all the latest gadgets. Many children/teenagers spend time on their smartphones/tablets/whatever because they don’t get (enough) attention. Deep down most are bored and those devices are only a filler for a more important problem – a lack of proper parenting.

  • alexa

    one beautiful family lovely picture.

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous woman! Beautiful family!


    Beautiful family and she sounds like an awesome mom. Not like some parents that raise spoiled, self centered, arrogant, inconsiderate brats.

  • lig

    love this family and love how she parents~!

  • Anonymous

    Great interview! Thanks Candace 🙂

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Of course, she can raise her kids the way she feels is necessary. That’s her right as their parent. However, other parents have the right to raise their children how they see fit. For her to complain about how hard it is to deny her kids Facebook and Twitter accounts because other parents allow their children to have them made her sound like a whiny two year old. No one said parenting was easy Candace. Sometimes we have to do difficult things despite what our children want. To blame that on other parents makes you sound infantile and bitter. It’s time to grow up and take responsibility for the decisions you make for your children and stop blaming others for “forcing” you to make them.

    • colee

      Shesnot complaining. She’s simply stating that it can be tough when other parents let their children do certain things/have certain things and her kids don’t, but she still doesn’t allow it. To me, that is being responsible. She’s not blaming anyone. What she says is true. When your kids see other kids with things they don’t have, they will probably want those things as well. It’s often hard for a parent to see their children upset but she’s not changing her mind about her rules. So with that said, she’s not blaming other parents what-so-ever.

  • Anonymous

    The technology part is very good. Kids that young shouldn’t have all that. They’re supposed to be kids who play outside with their friends instead of texting them.
    But the camp part. I think it’s really important for kids to be away with only kids for 1 week. I am in a youth movement myself. I am responsible for all the kids and I see how much they enjoy it. The one week in a year they are allowed to play a whole wek with their friends and sleep together with a lot in a room. It’s very nice.

  • Anonymous

    My children are 13 1/2, 11 and almost 5. None of my children have a cell phone. I have explained to them why and they understand. Plus I am having no part in paying a child’s cell phone bill. Plus a CHILD does NOT NEED a cell phone. Up a tree because of a dog and GOD forbid she didn’t have a CELL PHONE?!?! Are you kidding me? Yes because no one would notice a child up a tree with a dog barking like mad at the base of it or hear a child yelling for help. Seriously that is a lame reason. As for facebook, Twitter, MySpace and an e-mail address….um no. My children also don’t have any of those as it is NOT necessary for life to go on. I commend Candance on taking her stand on technology. I don’t care if my children’s friends have all those things. Good for them. Personally I think there is far too much indulgence in this day and age. Are my children suffering because of it? No. They are doing quite well, still breathing and functioning just fine. They get computer time but it is on either their father’s computer or mine. Plus the computers stay in the office part of our family room, not in bedrooms where things bad can happen. I really think though that Candace should let her kids get away to camp like someone said above. My boys have all been to camp and continue to go every year. They love it! It is a great learning experience plus you miss them and when they come back you appreciate them that much more!

  • AliceJane

    I like her stance on cell phones. I’m 21 and am not planning on having kids for another 5 to 10 years but it kind of scares me… by the time I have kids, will it be socially accepted and the norm that an 8 year old has a cell phone? I say, once they can pay for it through working part time or whatever, they can have a phone. I like Candace and Val’s idea of having an extra phone to give the kids when they need it though.

    And, of course, they are a beautiful family! Wow.

  • Catherine

    I agree with the technology. My cousins are 10 and almost 12 years old, they both have touch phones, (the 12 year old is GLUED to her phone. Constantly messaging her friends) mp3’s, their own computers, facebook and blogs!!! I think it’s insane. But all their friends are doing the same thing, it’s all about pressure. I think both of them have gone through more cell phones than I have, and I’m 19.

  • Anonymous

    My child was up a tree with a dog . We live in the country there are only 2 other famlies around us . Iam the only parent that stays home out of the three .
    So no one would have heard her . I was just giving a example of how you never know when something will happen .And my child is not allowed on a cell when she is home only when she walks out side .Also if you dont have a cell that has service and you have a old one they can still call 911 on it . I personally can care less what people think of me .Let something happen to your kid or a kid you know and love you will feel the same way i do about a cell .ITS SAFETY

  • Anonymous


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