Sarah McLachlan: I Would Encourage My Daughters To Do What Makes Them Happy

Canadian songstress Sarah McLachlan has a busy summer ahead. The Building A Mystery singer is reviving her successful all-female tour Lilith Fair, and is releasing her first studio album in 7 years. To add to the chaos, McLachlan’s two young daughters with ex-husband Ashwin Sood- India, 8, and Taja, 3- will be joining mom on the road.

In an interview with Parade, McLachlan opens up about her daughters personalities, and touches on the musical talent that has been passed down.

On her daughters’ musical talent: “They are both very musically inclined. It’s more sort of free-form singing right now. My older one was in piano lessons for a while, but she’s not much of a joiner. She’s not one to be put into a box. She’s extremely independently minded and just wants to do her own thing. The little one definitely has really good pitch. At a year old, she was singing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.'”

On following mom’s footsteps: “I’d encourage [my daughters] to do whatever they want that makes them happy. There are two schools of thought: forcing them to take music lessons or letting them do what they want. I’m going to let them try everything and see what happens. What my oldest one loves to do right now more than anything is swim, so I’m just letting her do that as much as I can.”

For the complete interview with Sarah, head to Parade…

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