Brooke Shields & Her Girls Are On The Go

Brooke Shields and her two girls – Rowan, 7, and Grier, 4 – along with a friend were spotted out and about in Los Angeles yesterday (June 27). Brooke grabbed a coffee to go while she walked with the three girls in sunny L.A.

The 45-year-old mother of two recently talked about the importance of following a routine:

My kids thrive on the routine at bedtime, like the bath and the food and the book reading. Every night we say our prayers and we do a rose/thorn which is, ‘What was your rose of the day and what was your thorn of the day?’ I watch them and it just gives them a sense of comfort. It’s the same thing with rules. I have to enforce their behavior, including manners. But they like it. I think they just feel like they’re safe, and then they know that they can kind of go off and be kids at school.”

The girls’ father is Brooke’s husband of nine years, television writer Chris Henchy.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Anonymous

    Look a star that makes her kids walk on their own, good for her

  • Shirilicious

    I like what she said about the rose/thorn thing. It really gives children a sense of ease just to be able to talk what they experienced the whole day.

  • Catherine

    The 4 year old is as tall as the 7 year old,! either one is very tall or the other one is really short.

  • Anonymous

    adorable girls and mom!

  • Kinky

    wow….the oldest girl looks like a young version of Lindsay Lohan in that photo….the days when she was young and inncoent…

    • melo1983

      She really does!

  • AnonyMouse

    The girls are both gorgeous. but Grier looks like an angel

  • TheYumYum

    I agree with you Kinky she does look like Lindsay when she was little. I love the sandles the older two girls are wearing. I see they have fierce taste in showes already.

  • nicoleC

    i like redhead’s girl

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