Mario Lopez Plans To Marry Courtney Mazza

Mario Lopez told Us that he plans to wed his pregnant girlfriend Courtney Mazza.

That’s on the way,” the Extra host, 36, said. “We have a big year this year because she moved out here,” continued Lopez, who met Courtney while co-starring on Broadway’s Chorus Line in New York City in 2008. “We got a new house, [in Los Angeles] a new dog, new baby… so it’s on the way. There is no rush. It’s exciting.”

“I’m at a great place and I am blessed to have Courtney in my life and I’m blessed with everything that is going on and I’m really happy,” added the dad-to-be.

Courtney is due with the couple’s first child at the end of September. In the meantime, Mario is doting on his girlfriend. “I take care of her and treat her like a princess and get her anything she wants. I try to feed her all the time because I want a real healthy fat baby.”

The couple aren’t going ‘Hollywood’ or too traditional with baby names. “I’m not into the crazy Hollywood baby names at all!” Mario said. “I’m definitely not going to do a Jr. I don’t like that either. which is weird because in my culture, they do it a lot. We are going to try and keep names within our culture and go a little bit classic, but not anything crazy.”

Courtney said she’s had “such an easy pregnancy.” The mom-to-be plans to stay in shape: “I have a trainer and I work out with her and I walk my dog a lot. I watch what I eat but I don’t deprive myself. The hardest thing to stay away from is bread and carbs.”

“She looks great! I want to keep her pregnant all the time!” Mario joked, who hasn’t packed on any sympathy pounds, either. “I’ve actually lost weight just because I have been running around and working harder and stressing harder,” he admitted.

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  1. Anonymous

    I hope he does’nt cheat on her too. but if you ask me I think he did Ali Landry a favor. Mario may, be cute but he’s no “Alejandro Monteverde”.

  2. Courtney

    at least he’s eventually gonna do the right thing though you can’t always plan when your going to have children and just because the mother gains alot of weight while she’s pregnant doesn’t mean the baby is going to be fat at birth of course there’s always been kids that are way above average weight at birth Frank Sinatra for instance 13.5 lbs at birth in 1915 and I believe his oldest granddaughter was 9.2 at birth in 1974

  3. Anonymous

    I hope they get married. They sound like a really cute couple. With a new dog and a new baby. He is right there is no rush but as long as he really loves her. They will be happy family. Hope forever. <3 <3 <3
    I am a big fan.
    Wish them all the luck.

  4. Anonymous

    He is SO gross. Once a cheater…

  5. Anonymous

    OK no he’s not trying to marry her..He wants that seed in her stomach. WTH? A new dog, new house, new baby, so no rush? In other words ” Let gay rumors die down first.”

  6. Anonymous

    She should not be avoiding carbs. That’s not good for anyone, let alone a pregnant woman.

  7. Anonymous

    at least Courtney will find fame thru Mario’s name and live happily ever after as a princess to his beckoning call. She gave up her engagement to a Broadway star to seek Hollywood and Mario. Then she got pregnant and nailed the hottest bachelor.
    Is anyone else sick of hearing about this pregnancy and seeing pics of Mario kissing her stomach? Is he that happy he reproduced? You don’t see this with other stars on t.v.

  8. Anonymous

    this whole thing with Mario and Courtney happened way too fast. Something doesn’t seem right. Mario claims she moved to Ca. in 2010, but she really moved in with him in Feb 09. That was less than a year after hooking up in Oct 08. (He was spotted with some babes at his b-day party in Las Vegas, unless he was cheating on her too) Oct 08-02/09. Then 9 mos later she preggers! If they do get hitched, I see a divorce in his future and losing a lot of money to her. She won’t stand for anything less. Pre-nup Mario! Be smart. You have a lot to lose this time……

  9. Anonymous

    You get your facts straight-in October 2008 he had a blonde babe standing between his legs while he was drinking and smoking a cigar. Courtney is not blonde, and you can clearly see it was not her. Also, she was engaged to Spencer Liff, a Broadway star, and broke the engagement to find her success and money and princess lifestyle with Mario in Ca.

  10. Anonymous

    Oh great! Another Hollywood marriage doomed for divorce……

  11. Anonymous

    I know which photo you mean in October 2008. Mario was not with Courtney at his Birthday party, but the article stated he took some blonde back to his hotel room to help celebrate his 34th.

  12. Anonymous

    Wish them the best of luck!

  13. Anonymous

    Courtney is a nobody in Hollywood, but now thanks to Mario she will be a reality star when he starts filming his new reality series about their baby….

  14. Anonymous

    Will the baby have dimples?

  15. Anonymous

    They are both adorable and I wish them the best of luck!!!!

  16. Anonymous

    Mario has lost his manhood to the “Italian Boss”

  17. Anonymous

    Courtney is not famous in Hollywood at all……She is famous in New York.

  18. Donna

    The reason he is not rushing to marry her is because he really doesn’t WANT to marry her and lose his title as a Hollywood Player. Mario does NOT want to be tied down and why should he? He loves women and they love him. He is handsome and him getting married could drop his female fan base.

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