Jennifer Garner & Her Rubber Boot Beauty

Jennifer Garner and her 4 1/2-year-old daughter Violet were on the go in Santa Monica, Calif. Jen plugged the meter before the mother-daughter duo ran some errands today (June 29). Violet looked so cute in her striped leggings and rubber boots!

Recently, a rep for the 38-year-old actress put baby bump rumors to rest, saying, “Jennifer is absolutely not pregnant.”

Jen and her hubby, Good Will Hunting star Ben Affleck, are also parents to 17-month-old daughter Seraphina.

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. Anonymous

    There are pictures on Just Jared that seem to lean towards the fact that she is pregnant. If not, Jen needs to stop wearing those flowy shirts.

    Anyway, Jen and Violet look cute here!

  2. Anonymous

    She doesn’t look it here. ANyway, is it me or do Violet’s legs look SO LONG in those leggings! She’s getting so big!

  3. Anonymous

    She has always liked wearing loose fitting or ill fitting clothes, it’s obvious that Jen does not have any fashion sense, I thnk she even admitted to this in an interview. Anyway, today is her and Ben’s fifth wedding anniversay, as much as I hope they stay together for a long time something tells me that Ben has checked out of this marriage emotionally and physically, his body language can’t lie. I just hope that if this is the case that Jen will realize that she is better off without him, she’s already raising those kids by herself as it is since Ben is never around, so what’s the difference? Her career will probably flourish since she won’t be associated with Ben “I’m so miserable” Affleck anymore.

    • Anonymous

      Ben’s movie “The Town” is opening September 17th. He has been working on post production for his movie for months. Ben Co-wrote, Directed, and Acted in the movie. It is not like Ben could tell Warner Brothers that he can’t work today because people on the Internet don’t see enough pictures of me following my wife around town running errands. I guess Ben should blow off work just so he can make some of Jennifer Garner Fans happy.

      I guess you missed the photos of Ben and Seraphina playing at the Playground on Saturday. There was also the pictures of Ben holding Violet at on the soccer field after Jen and Violet practiced with a kids class (Violet was hugging her daddy around the neck). Then there is the pictures of Ben, Jen, Violet and Seraphina playing on the monkey-bars together.
      Photos at / Ben Affleck Photo Gallery.

      Just because Ben doesn’t show a lot of emotion when out in public doesn’t mean he wants to divorce his family. If anything I think Ben is in protective mode. Their is video of Ben demanding to know the name of paparazzi who was behind their car (same day). Jen could not put Seraphina in her car sit until Ben could back out of parking space because the razzies where blocking him. There are also photos of Ben going towards the razzies in the park because they where to close to him and Seraphina. Ben looked very angry and gesturing with his hand for them to get back.

      I don’t think it is fair for people to judge this family base on their dislike for either Ben or Jen. I for one hope this stay together.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you Anon directly above me. To say that Ben appears by his body language to have checked out of his marriage is not only unfair but grossly incorrect. Ben is more involved with his family than a great deal of so celebrity dads. It true, it pains him when the paps invade his family’s private space and he does not hesitate to show his displeasure. A lot of blogs and some people who don’t want him and Jen together always play the same old song.

        I wish they could not be so scrutinized and falsely accrused as being unhappy together because they do not play up to the paparazzi hired to stalk them.

  4. Anonymous

    Violet’s outfit is so colorful. SHe probably insisted on wearing those boots even though it was not raining in LA today. lol So cute. Jen does not look pregnant at all, but then neither does Lucy Damon (Matt’s wife) and the Damons have officially announced it.

    It must really suck to have strangers saying you are pregnant, especially if you are not. I like to see Jen at her current weight. She looks much healthier. However, the minute she is not scary skinny, the pregnancy rumors start. Go figure.

    • SaeahEL

      It was not raining hard, but it was a pretty heavy sprinkle. Here in southern California, that means a rain, and go dig out the rain boots. You don’t want to out grow them now. HeHe….

      My daughters wore their rain boots today as well, we live just an hour south of Los Angeles.

  5. Shirilicious

    Why oh why can’t this woman ever wear a pair of jeans that fit? And are her feet glued to those runners shoes? There are so many other comfortable, flat shoes around, then why choose the homeliest of them?
    Violet as usual is cute.

    • Anonymous

      Probably because she likes them and doesn’t care what some troll on the internet thinks about her wardrobe? Why does it matter? She’s running errands, not attending a ball.

    • Anonymous

      I think she dresses for her own comfort and not to please others as evidenced by her everyday wardrobe. This is nothing new and some people are weary of alway hearing about her style of dress. We all know what a gorgeous woman she is and maybe just maybe it bugs some that she doesn’t play up her good looks but instead goes about her life taking care of her family. Kudos to her.

      I hope she enjoyed a lovely night out with her hubby on their 5th wedding anniversary. They certainly are an adorable family and much happiness and success to them as they celebrate another milestone.

      • Anonymous

        yes who could forget that shotgun wedding?

        • micoh

          shotgun wedding? YOU gotta be joking me!!
          it’s pretty obvious that ben affleck loves jennifer so much, that’s why he married her!
          ben is so lucky to have jennifer as his wife, because she’s truly a wonderful, amazing woman.
          jennifer garner is beautiful inside and out..
          no tons of make-up on her face, she dresses down, but she still looks great!!
          she’s really a simple, down-to-earth person..

  6. klutzy_girl

    These are cute pictures!

    Also, aside from all four Garner-Afflecks at the park on Sunday, there are also pictures of Jen and Ben celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary!

  7. michile

    they’re both pretty 🙂
    i luv violet’s dimples just like her mom, so cute!!

  8. Anonymous

    Sorry to say the old cliche *shotgun wedding* is such a obselete term. Where are you from, another planet? Do people even use such a term anyone? You should try broaden your horizons old lady. There is no such thing. What with all the babies born out of wedlock today? Please, spare me. Come join us in the 21st century. Why are you still living in the stone ages? This is a new day. Have you been living under a rock or something?

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