Josie Duggar Is Home With Her Family

The 19th child of Michelle and Jim-Bob Duggar, Josie Brooklyn, is home with her family in Tontitown, Ark. after spending nearly six months in a childrens hospital, reports PEOPLE.

Josie was released from the hospital in early June, but was unable to return home as 12 Duggar children had the chicken pox. Mom Michelle and Josie stayed in a rented home near the hospital in Little Rock, Ark. until now. Of being home, Michelle said,

It is good to be home. It is surreal to be here. It was such a long time we were away.”

After arriving prematurely at 25 weeks, weighing only 1lb. 6oz., Josie is now a “chunky” 9 lbs., 1 oz. Michelle added, “She has a double chin now. It is so precious.”

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    When are we going to see your grandson and his aunt together.. eh…
    So she had to compete with her own son.. and have 20 Wippee
    just like Kate plus 8 we have hear about Josie Duggar… number 20…

  2. AnnieMouse

    I’m so excited for them! I bet they are so relieved to have her healthy and finally home! Regardless of everyone’s feelings about the size of the Duggar family, she’s still baby and I think people should just be happy for her health and get off the fact that she’s part of a GIGANTIC family.

  3. Mandy Hurt

    Well glad that yall have the newest addition with you all now.I hope she is doing well.She is a gift from god enjoy every minute with her.

  4. Anonymous

    For all the negative people out there, you have no idea what it is like in their family and to judge them based on size is foolish. They are strong loving people who are raising god loving decent children, which is more than I can say for most of us with only 2 or 3 kids. The Duggars are truly blessed and I wish them all the happiness in the world. I have 5 and could only dream of being as good of parents as they are to their 19. Yay Josie!!!

    • Anonymous

      They are horrible parents. Have you ever watched their show? The house is a zoo and the children act like howler monkeys most of the time. I saw an episode when they were in a store and the all the little boys were running around, creating a ruckus, annoying all the other shoppers and Michelle did nothing to stop them. I never see Michelle get down on the floor and play with her little ones. I never see her spend any one on one time with her older children. Her five oldest girls do most of the parenting in that house (to the point that when injured or upset, the smaller children run to their older sisters instead of their mother). I saw an episode where a 3 year old was trying to carry an infant around the house and actually dropped her while trying to put her into a wagon. There are no gates on the staircases (which I wouldn’t think bad in normal circumstances, but since no one apparently watches these children, an unblocked staircase has the potential to cause real harm). I rarely see them hug or kiss their kids. They’ve even lied to them right to their faces (see the blood donation episode). What exactly about their parenting should I be in awe of or wish to emulate? They seem detached from their children and have no sense of common safety measures. The only thing I’ve learned from the Duggars is what kind of parent I do not want to be.

      • Anonymous

        See, right here is the problem with people who watch reality TV families and immediately assume they know everything about that family. You say you’ve never seen Michelle do this or that with her kids – have you seen her go to the bathroom? Have you seen her take a shower, or floss her teeth or read the newspaper? My point is, you don’t know this family – all you know is a heavily edited TV program. It’s actually creepy how people think they are so familiar with families on TV, when really they know very little about them at all. You will never know what Michelle says or does with her kids in private when the cameras aren’t on, and that’s how it should be.

        I wonder how you’d feel if people were making assumptions about your own family without knowing all of the facts? Violated maybe? I would think so!

      • Anonymous

        I think they are really wonderful parents. Better than most, that is for sure… I do agree they need to stop having children, mainly because of what happened w/Josie but, I think they seem like really nice down to earth people, and people like you need to leave them alone!!!!!!!!!! If you do not like them, which it is apparent that you do not, than dont watch their show. But, why are you on this web site????

      • Anonymous

        What will happen when the older kids all get married? Every show the fricken mother walks around with that damned ugly pillow with a kid attached.when is she going to raise the babies herself?I home schooled for 18 years but I can tell you right now that there is no way that the oldest ones can be teachers and still do all their own work..specially in grade 10 – 12………how many are going to university ? oh yes NONE because they have to stay home and baby sit the baby machines kids………

      • Anonymous

        What will happen when the older kids all get married? Every show the fricken mother walks around with that damned ugly pillow with a kid attached.when is she going to raise the babies herself?I home schooled for 18 years but I can tell you right now that there is no way that the oldest ones can be teachers and still do all their own work..specially in grade 10 – 12………how many are going to university ? oh yes NONE because they have to stay home and baby sit the baby machines kids………

      • Anonymous

        I agree and really feel she has an addiction to pregnancy and then once she has them and they are past the infant phase she is done with them and on to having another. The problem is at this point after multiple births and csections and her age any new pregnancy is at risk. If she gets pregnant again she will end up with another premiture baby or worse. She needs to be a mother to her current children and stop at 19.

      • Anon

        They need to send them to school, because homeschooling is not working. No socialization with children their ow age, how often are friends at that house, which they would be all the time with the no rules attitude and cool outdoor toys.

        Also they are convinced that it is obvious that the World is only 6000 years old, that the population of the World (over six billion people) could fit in Jacksonville, FL, and they take their children to “museums” that show man living at the time of dinosaurs.

    • only human

      I love kids lost 3 babies due to high blood pressure and a few other things.But I love my 2 so much I didn’t use babysitters.I loved the baby to much for that.they were well adjusted when they went to school,,I find the dugger kids unrully and a bit bad behaved..they come down those stairs like wild banchees…I have been known to jump once or twice…….do they ever watch the show to see how bad the younger ones behave ? a pair of slacks for some of the outing would be nice. the girls dont always sit like a proper girl should.LOVE THE SHOW …………

  5. Anonymous

    Why did their children have the chicken pox? There is a vaccination for chicken poxs. I wonder if their children have gotten any vaccinations? Or do they think that God will protect their children from illness. I hope they are smarter then that!

    • AnnieMouse

      If that was the case they wouldn’t have had the baby in the hospital now would they?!

    • Anonymous

      It’s time to educate you. The Chicken Pox is the one child’s disease that there is no shot for.

    • MOMMY TO 2

      To Annonymous…First of all, if you knew anything about immunizations, you would know that getting the chicken pox vaccine does not eliminate the chance of getting it, it just makes it less harmful (same as Flu Vaccine). Second of all, I feel that with any family, there are controversial subjects that anyone can say is ‘incorrect’ or ‘stupid’ but truth be known, all parents do the best they know how. I think that they have 19 healthy, happy kids and as far as people commenting on how they are “jumping all over” and “running amock” ummm lets please remember they are KIDS and kids will be kids. It is just KIDS times 19!

    • Anonymous

      Vaccinations should be a personal choice as there is a risk of death with MANY of them. So if the kids have had them or not, it’s none of your business. And yes, God CAN keep us safe from anything. Though, that is not what God is about. Life is not easy, there are some hard thing; God will be with us every step of the way.

    • Anonymous

      Just because you have the vaccine for Chicken Pox doesnt mean you wont get it. My sons all had the vaccination and they all came down with it. The vaccination probably makes the kids not get all the complications that can come with Chicken Pox. My nephew was vaccinated for the Measles and he still got that as well.

  6. Louise

    Stop having children please. The next one might not be so lucky. Your uterus is all used up, dear.

  7. Anonymous

    Don’t babies get released from the hospital once they reach like 5-6 pounds..?

    9 pounds and coming home seems to be a bit longer than it should

    • Mommy to 2

      Yes, most babies do get released when they are 5-6 pounds but there are other factors that need to be considered like can they feed on their own, maintain their own body temperature, not be on oxygen all of the time and the absence of any other issues. Josie had a bowel perfuration which caused her to be in the hospital longer than “normal” (I say that because with preemies, there is no normal and all babies are different)

  8. dawn

    Welcome home Josie!God is the great physician.Having more babies is between her and God only.Who are we to judge.By the way;if you remember,Josie had an obstruction in her bowl and that’s why she didn’t come home sooner.I have been so blessed by watching a christian family in action.Coming from a not so nice family they have shown me God’s love.Thank you for being God;s light to the world.Always praying for you.

  9. Anonymous

    Actually, my doctor advised me not to give the chicken pox vaccine to my youngest daughter because as the one comment stated, it does not gaurentee that you won’t get chicken pox and if you don’t get them as a child you could possibly get the virus as an adult and that could be in the form of shingles. Much harder and than having the chicken pox as a child!

    • Anonymous

      Oh yeah, just a P.S. to my above comment about the vaccine… people are so mean spirited! And we wonder why our world is in the condition it is! I’m so grateful that there are still people around like the Duggar’s. God bless you!

    • only human

      Actually shingles is a side effect of chicken poxs. but either way I dont judge as we all do what we want with our kids., Ive never had any child hood sickness except scarlet fever but when they go around Im your worst enemy as I spread it and dont get it

      Herpes zoster virus causes shingles. No one knows for sure what causes the chickenpox virus to become reactivated to cause shingles. Some investigators suggest that the following conditions may participate in virus reactivation, since they have been associated with a higher incidence of shingles.

    • A grandmother

      Oops, you slipped up on that one. Anyone who has had chicken pox can at a later date have shingles. I did and was told by my physician that the virus lies dormant in the body, and a large percentage of people who have chicken Pox will have shingles. You also might not know that an unvaccinated person can catch chicken pox from a person with shingles. My little granddaughter caught chicken pox from me when I had shingles.

  10. Anonymous

    I am so glad to hear Josie is home! I think the Duggar family is a great family! People need to back off of them. If you dont care for the show then dont watch, and leave them alone.

  11. Anonymous

    I do worry about the older girls not being able to be regular kids. So many chores to do and little ones to care for. I also worry that Michelle, through no fault of her own, does not have a one on one relationship with each of her kids. It would be impossible there are not enough hours in the day for that but his will leave some children feeling sad and lonley – not all but some.

  12. Janet in NC

    FYI the chicken Pox vaccine is not 100% effective as a Paramedic were are exposed to all sorts of virus and dieseases. I had the Chicken Pox vaccine and MMR Measels Mumps and Rubella. A year After being vaccinated against Chicken Pox which I was given two or three doses of it. I got the worst case of it down my throat in my eyes on my tongue and had it head to toe and developed pneumonia I nearly died. Vaccines do not always prevent it you from getting stuff. My go co-worker had been recently vaccinated for Measels, Mumps, Rubella about 6 months ago. Yesterday he was diagnosed with the Measels. Vaccines is a preventative not always 100% effective.
    They do prevent stuff, but if you work in health care your succeptable to every thing. Vaccines and immune systems don’t always work.
    As for the Duggars God has showed us what miracles can do your a great family love your laundry detergent. GOD Bless you and in your future decisions and your many receipes keep them comming.
    Janet in NC

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