Nia Long: “I Want My Son To Be An Amazing Husband And Father”

The ever beautiful Nia Long is radiant on the cover of the Summer 2010 issue of Monarch magazine. In the interview the 39-year-old actress opens up about what inspires her, and how she tries to set the best example for her 9-year-old son Massai.

On her inspiration: “You know, I would have to say my grandmother, Pearl Gillman, is a true inspiration to me…. And she now suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and its sad because I’m looking at this woman who would take the world on her shoulders and make things happen…. So when you slowly see that you are losing that person to a certain degree, you got to get down to the basics and keep it simple and just do what feels right, trust your instinct, keep God first, and really tune into sort of what your gut tells you. I mean women, we are so powerful and we have all the answers, we just get distracted by life, by men, by being mothers, by work, but it is so much easier to just go with your gut. And if you’re living right, your gut will be truthful. You got to live right, if you don’t – none of what I’m saying makes any sense.”

On teaching her son to give back: “I just got back from a trip to Figi where I did a bunch of outreach, community service on the island. We went and mentored children, and we had a chance to really see and understand the village life and what these young children go through…. So I took my son and it was just a life changing experience for him because he didn’t really understand what poor meant until he got there. So I try to teach him that giving back is the biggest thing you can do in life because there is always somebody in need of something.”

On being an example to her son: “In my own life I really try to implement the practice of nonjudgment, because to judge others is to be judged….. I live a very honest life because I need to be able to feel good about who I am when I wake up in the morning. I also know that my son is watching my every move and I want him to be a good man. I want him to be an amazing professional, whatever he chooses to do. And I want him to be an amazing husband and father.”

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I never would’ve guessed that was Nia Long…that picture doesn’t even look like her!