Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren Celebrate Daughters Birthday Together

Tiger Woods and estranged wife Elin Nordegren came together recently to celebrate daughter Sam’s third birthday party, reports Radar Online.

Woods reportedly showed up nearly an hour late, arriving with his office manager, and a female companion. Though Nordegren was visibly upset that Woods had shown up late, the two put effort into getting along for the sake of their children. A source said of the events,

But they put aside their differences for the good of their daughter when a big cake rolled in. Clearly this was Tiger trying to make it up to Sam. He wasn’t there on her birthday so he wanted to have a party for her and be there. Elin went along with it. Despite their differences they want to do what is best for their children.”

A divorce is imminent for the two with divorce papers “ready to sign,” and Nordegren is set to receive approximately $750 million from Woods. The source sounded surprised that the two were able to be at an event together successfully, saying, “They barely talk. It’s amazing that they spent time together — even at a birthday party,” adding, “It’s a good sign that they could at least be civil.”

The two, who are also parents to son Charlie, 1, were married in October 2004, and split earlier this year after multiple reports of infidelity surfaced.

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  • Anonymous

    This is such a non story – the women – Tiger’s manager and the other woman obviously knew Elin and the children. Tiger is not stupid enough to bring a “date”. Radaronline’s story about this is so anti-Tiger – especially since all the “source” are obviously Elin’s friends or confidantes.

  • Anonymous

    Arriving late for your daughter’s birthday is not classy at all Mr Woods …. But he was probably busy with a whôre he loves so much.
    He’s a creep plain and simple and nothing in this world would change for that.
    He should leave the kids alone and with their mother. He obvioulsy doesn’t care about them.

  • Anonymous

    Tiger does not deserve any respect, i hate him, after what he has done to Elin! Go Elin!

  • Carmen

    How much more despicable, inconsiderate and insensitive Tiger Woods can be? Every time he has an opportunity to show some respect for his family, he just blows it!!! Tiger, not only arrives one hour late to his daughter’s two hours birthday party but also brings two female guests!!! This means that instead of devoting all his time and attention to his daughter, he may have spent the time taking care of his guests!!! Tiger Woods continues to show with his selfish actions that he does not deserve to be called father !!! Elin should keep the children away from Tiger because this horrid, hideous man only cares about himself and no one else!!!

  • BrenDA


  • Anonymous

    If she really ever loved him, she would stay with him and keep the family together. The man obviously had some kind of breakdown or something.
    She shouldn’t worry about what people will think, they don’t really care about you anyhow.

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