Eva LaRue Gets Married In Mexico

Families unite! With waves crashing on the beaches of Zihuatanejo, Mexico, CSI: Miami’s Eva LaRue, 43, tied the knot with businessman Joe Cappuccio, 47, on Saturday (June 26) at The Tides Oceanside resort. “I am so happy,” Eva tells Life & Style. “Getting married in this beautiful location on the ocean with all of our family and friends is so special.”

Nearly 60 guests looked on as the bride, in a custom made Oday Shakar gown, was walked down the aisle by her father while Billy Joel’s “She’s Got a Way” played in the background. But Eva says, “I saw nothing but Joe.” Eva’s 8-year-old daughter Kaya and Joe’s children, Cassie and Kevin, shared in their special day. “Cassie is almost 22, and Kevin is 19, so it’s not like I’m going to actively be a stepmom,” Eva says. “But Joey is going to actively be a stepdad. He and Kaya are awesome together.”

The couple shared their first dance to “Finally,” by Fergie. Guests feasted on a traditional Mexican buffet and danced the night away to the Gipsy Kings, who flew in to play live!

“Every single moment seemed to top the moment before,” Eva says. “I couldn’t have dreamt it better. That’s how everything is with Joe. With him, everything becomes miraculous.”

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Photo credit: Life & Style


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    Wonder what happened to Kaya’s dad All My Children’s Mr. Callahan another
    white man… Never see her with her dad any more.. Did he sign over adoption papers… since Eva is all about her husband and her friends now..
    Kaya’s dad did move to California.. Her new husband is a fish distributer..

    So be it… Eva… Not like you have any one of your CSI members their at
    your wedding just a bunch of nobodies..

  2. Trish

    A very rude racist comment!! Who cares if he’s white, geez, will RACISM ever cease!!! Congrats to Eva!!

  3. melo1983

    43?? Yeah right, she looks 23!

  4. Anonymous

    Eva is beautiful, inside and out. (MS CSI GET’S MARRIED) … It’s “YOU’RE all a bunch of losers,” NOT “your”… you dumb ass!
    BTW, it’s none of your buisness who was invited to her wedding, and it’s also none of your buisness where John is, nor whether or not, she was given full costody. Perhaps if you were to get a life and mind your own racists buisness, you wouldn’t have to be a jealous douche bag! Eva is beautiful and “YOU’RE” NOT! So don’t be a hater! BIOTCH!

  5. Viv

    Not to be ugly but if you’re going to correct someone’s spelling, make sure you know how to spell yourself. It’s “business” not buisness. I do agree Eva is beautiful. I never saw her in All My Children but I do like her in CSI

  6. Viv

    Also, after re-looking at that because I agree, I hate when people use your when it should be you’re but in the case in which it was written up there, your is correct. You wouldn’t say you are wedding. You’re = you are. 🙂

  7. Carol

    Frankly Trish I think that you are very rude yourself for even mentioning it as being a so -called “racist comment” who cares? Whether or not someone mentions about him being white his skin really is NOT of ANY importance to this story whatsoever. It almost sounds as though you are trying to be very nasty yourself. They look beautiful together and NO unfortunately “racism” will never go away.

  8. Suzette

    You have found your true love and life long partner Eva. You were a beautiful bride and your Joe was a handsome groom. I’m so glad your lovely daughter has a great relationship with her stepfather. Ignore all the negative comments as long you three are happy and I wish you all a very happy and long life together.

    Suzette UK

  9. Susan Woodward

    Didn’t you (Eva) play in a movie about the wife and life of a mobster? I can’t remember the name of it or the year it came out. I would like to get it on DVD. Susan Woodward 1-928-279-5117.

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