Bethenny Frankel: I Didn’t Get A Tummy Tuck!

The Real Housewives of New York‘s, Bethenny Frankel could be the breakout star of the year! The 39-year-old new mom might be saying farewell to RHONY once and for all as she relishes in the success of her new docu-series, Bethenny Getting Married? In the upcoming episode, the outspoken starlet weds her true love, Jason Hoppy. Aside from a few wedding day surprises like Jason’s “animal friends [who] jumped into the pool at the Four Seasons Restaurant,” and Bethenny’s frequent pee breaks, she said their wedding day – which was an adults-only affair – was “beautiful.”

Bethenny, who admits that refraining from alcohol at her wedding and her honeymoon was “hard,” said that she indulged in a few sips of booze here and there during her pregnancy. And now that she’s breastfeeding, she follows by the 1-glass of alcohol a day rule, “I haven’t gotten to the point where I’ve had to pump and dump,” she admits. Bethenny opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about baby Bryn, how breastfeeding is going and about those pesky tummy tuck rumors.

CBS: Last time we chatted, you were struggling with breastfeeding. How is it going now?

BF: “It’s still very time consuming in the sense that, you try to get out of your room or bed and it’s 2 hours later because of the pumping and the feeding. So it’s time consuming, but I’ve got my own little rhythm now with it which is good. It’s in my life and it’s not a problem. It’s not something that is completely daunting anymore. It was very overwhelming. Now I’m just trying to fit my breasts into a bathing suit [laughs]!”

CBS: How’s baby Bryn doing?

BF: “She’s so great! She’s really sweet. From what I understand – I’m not going to compare her – she’s a really good baby. She’s just so sweet and happy.”

CBS: It was reported that you got a tummy tuck at the time of your C-section. Any truth to this?

BF: “I didn’t even know that that was a possibility! My C-section was an emergency C-section after going through hours of labor. So, I’d have to be very clairvoyant to know that that would happen and to have the nurses standing by. But it was also reported that my husband is gay! If I needed one and I knew it was available, I guess I would’ve done it. But I don’t think I needed it and how would I have planned for that?”

CBS: Does it feel any different being married now?

BF: “I do feel different now that I’m married. I just feel so comfortable. There no ‘what ifs’, and ‘should we’ and ‘what do we do’? I’m just so happy and I know we’re in the right spot.”

Be sure to tune into Bethenny Getting Married?, EPISODE 105 So Hoppy Together, hitting the small screen on Thursday, July 8th at 10p.m. ET/PT.

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  • Anonymous

    Man, the press is really scraping hard to dig up something interesting to say about this woman, who seems to prefer being out in the limelight to being home with her newborn child. The title says it all — there’s just nothing newsworthy to report about her. What’s next: “Bethenney insists: No, I didn’t get a bikini wax before my 6-week postnatal checkup!”?

  • Anonymous

    This woman’s face looks like a cartoon character!

    The thing I hate most about reality shows is that it makes celebrities out of a nobody.

  • ATootsie

    Hello people did you see the size of her belly? Not that big so not that much to loose! Lay off!

  • Drew

    Yeah, I agree with Atootsie. She had a very small belly and I think her baby was less than 6 lbs, so a tummy tuck wasn’t really necessary.

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