Dean McDermott In Intensive Care After Motorcycle Accident

Father of three, Dean McDermott, is in the intensive care unit with a punctured and collapsed lung after enduring a motorcycle accident, PEOPLE reports.

“He’s in a lot of pain,” Tori Spelling, who has been by her husband’s side since the accident (his second on a motorcycle this year), says. “He’s taking this as a sign and realizing family is too important to risk his life.”

Dean, 43, crashed on Tuesday (June 29), while dirt bike riding with two friends. After the accident, he couldn’t move and was bleeding heavily from his right side with a puncture wound. He was rushed to the intensive care unit at a Los Angeles-area hospital. The reality TV star is expected to make a full recovery.

On Thursday, Dean took to Twitter to thank his supporters.

Thanks for the well wishes. A collapsed lung is no fun, and is a lengthy heal. Feeling pretty bad today. Day 2 is always the worst.”

Tori and Dean are parents to son Liam, 3, and daughter Stella, 2. Dean is also dad to 11-year-old son Jack with his ex-wife, TV presenter/chef Mary Jo Eustace.

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  • keri

    What an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    While I don’t support riding motorcycles when you have children, I certainly don’t think he’s an idiot for riding one. It was a dirtbike, not a streetbike.

    Streetbikes have high fatality rates. Dirtbikes, while more dangerous than golf, rarely kill people. Accidents can happen in cars, bicycles, pretty much anywhere. It doesn’t appear he was doing anything utterly rediculous.


    • Tinkywinky

      Well, he already had his second accident in six months, so he does somehow appear to be quite un-talented when it comes to riding motorcycles. Not to mention that he does appear to be a fame wh*re just like his wife, as so many her have remarked before, when he can be in ICU and still write on twitter. But good that he does not seem to have any other worries.
      Geez, this couple is awful.

    • Sara lee

      Both him and her have a mountain more of bad karma to endure for being cheaters.

  • Anonymous

    blah, blah, blah! who cares about these two idiots!

  • Anonymous

    Okay, so obviously he is NOT that hurt if he is on Twitter! So dramatic! Always looking for attention!

  • Anonymous

    uh Dean, we really don’t give a crap how you’re doing…u and your wife are such fame who**s and use the media to stay in the limelight…now that you’re abandoning your hobby, I wonder what you’re gonna do since you’re unemployed! Cute kids but they are being used too much by their fame whor**s’ parents.

  • Anonymous

    If he was in that much pain he would not be “tweeting”. This accident sounds like it is being overdramatized! Media wh*res!

  • Anonymous

    He is in Intensive Care and he is in terrible pain but he is still on Twitter! Something does not make sense! Pathetic loser!

  • Anonymous

    they should dowgrade you out of ICU if you’re well enough to use the internet. save the ICU beds for the people that really need them.

  • Anonymous

    Dean is in the ICU and he is on Twitter! This does not make any sense! He is just looking for any kind of attention he can get!

  • TDfaninTX

    Tori has been telling Dean for the last few years about how dangerous his sport/hobby is! HOPEFULLY, this will convince him. Yeah, anyone can get hurt doing normal things or just walking down the street – but why push the button when you’ve got a family that needs and loves you?!

    Also, all the Twitter mentions while he is in ICU are stupid. Tori could have Twittered for him or anyone else in the room. I highly doubt he Twittered himself. When I had surgery last year, my hubby posted for me all the time on my Twitter page.

    I wish them both well. Hang in there Tori! Get well soon Dean!!!!

    • Helene

      The twitter mentions are not stupid, since they are peoples opinions. If Dean himself didn’t tweet, then it should have been identified in the message. Saying, “Dean is recovering….blah blah blah.” I am sure it was him b/c they are starving for attention.

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