The Affleck Girls Are Purse Precious

Little girls love to be just like mom but no designer bags yet for these two sisters. Violet and Seraphina Affleck have lots of fun toting these play purses around town.

Violet happily carries a retro-style purse that comes with the Nancy Drew Pocketbook Mysteries ($13.59). She also uses a myWallaby Agile Doll Carrier in Cotton Candy ($39.99) as a purse and it looks like Seraphina loves her International Playthings My First Purse ($9.05).

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  • Anonymous

    seraphina is so cute

  • Anonymous

    i love the fact that Sera’s purse is the one Violet carried a couple of years ago! Hnad me downs from a sister – reminds me of my life!

  • Sophia

    Those girls are just too cute.

  • Helene

    So cute. I just stumbled across this website and am so happy to have found it. This article was posted on CBB and there was so much negativity by the readers. It is so nice to read an article and hear positivity.

  • Tina

    Both bags are so cute!!! I bought a myWallaby bag for my daughter and she loves it. She has 4 American Girl dolls. I can’t wait to show her these pics.

  • AbbysMomma

    What a wonderful idea and so very sute. Love the PINK!!!!

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