Ty Burrell’s On-Set Baby Tips

He plays a seasoned dad-of-three on the ABC hit Modern Family, but in reality Ty Burrell is a newcomer to fatherhood. Thankfully the actor, who along with his wife Holly adopted a baby girl in March, was able to get some advice from a couple of our favorite famous parents on the set of his new film, Butter.

“I had great conversations with those guys about parenting … it was really cool,” Ty says of his co-stars Jennifer Garner and Hugh Jackman. “Some people on the set had adopted, and we’d adopted, so [we discussed] those tangents as well.”

While he loved working on the film, Ty admits it was tough to leave his wife and daughter.

“That was definitely a real challenge; we only had her for a few weeks when I had to go away for a little bit,” he says, adding, “I’m just now kind of getting my fathering legs under me, and it’s incredible. It’s definitely a challenge.”

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