Jennifer Garner Smiles With Seraphina

Adorable! Jennifer Garner was photographed celebrating Independence Day with her two gorgeous girls – Violet, 4 1/2 and Seraphina, 1 – at their local 4th of July parade in Pacific Palisades, Calif.

Jen and her cuties sat curbside along with some friends. Violet wore a festive patriotic hat and waved her American flag, while Seraphina wore a bucket hat to protect herself from the warm sun.

We just spotted Jen and her hunky hubby, Ben Affleck, attending the grand opening of the Casino Club in West Sulfur Springs, West Virginia on Friday.

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Photo credit: GSI Media


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  1. Anonymous

    I’ve read comments in the past about Jennifer seeming all happy with the kids around the paps yet so grumpy when its just her and Ben. I think its so her kids don’t freak out if they see mummy all happy. I’d dare say it keeps the situation calm.

  2. Anonymous

    I think she chooses not to let the presence of the paps ruin the time she spends with her kids. Why make her kids feel uncomfortable if she becomes irritated? They don’t understand what’s going on and it’s not their fault that their parents are celebrities. With Ben, I think the way they act is by design, they understand what the situation is and they choose not to give the paps the “money shot”, same reason why they choose not to walk the red carpet toghether. They don’t want to be perceived as a “hollywood couple”, their relationship is a mystery, no one really knows what going on in their marriage and maybe that’s exactly the way they want it. Same goes for Gwynneth and Chris Martin, Scarlett Johanssen and Ryan Reynolds. Maybe life is easier for them this way.

  3. nicoleC

    Violet is quite tall
    like her parents

  4. Sophia

    Seraphina is such a darling, definitely the cutest celebrity baby girl. Violet is beautiful too 🙂

  5. Melinda

    Photo op much? That’s her publicist not some friend, jennifer needs to stop using her kids for photo ops.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, she really needs to lock them kids up and keep them hidden away from the world. What makes them special? Other celebrity kids don’t get to enjoy a normal life. Why should they? How dare she thinks she can live in CA and carry on like the rest of the normal folk. It’s absurd, I tell you. (rolls eyes)

  6. Allejandra

    It certainly is not a photo op. It’s the 4th of July! What are Jennifer and her children supposed to do, peek out the curtains of their house at the world going on outside? Kids love a parade. Are hers supposed to sit at home and miss life and fun going on while they take no part in it? Your comment is dumb and uninformed.

  7. Anonymous

    In some of the photos, you can see bodyguard she has used in the past (man in blue shirt that is setting up the chairs and standing behind them), so clearly she is concerned enough about unwanted attention.

  8. raven

    I could not agree with you more Melinda that was so a photo op just like her almost daily photo op were she parades her kids around town for the paps can take photos of them. If she and Ben have such a great marriage is he attending a grand opening of a Casino Club in West Sulfur Springs and not with his family and Seraphina, 1 on her first 4th of July?

    • Anonymous

      These are some super cute pictures.
      Ben was suppose to attend the “Ante Up For Africa” Event with his BFF
      Matt Damon on July 3rd. Ben called out sick due to a Serve Migraine …..which he suffers from. This was the first time Ben has ever missed the event. Ben’s Mother (Chris Affleck) was sitting right beside Violet during the parade. She was taking pictures of the parade and the girls the entire time. Ben was probably at home waiting for them to get back. I’m sure Ben looked at the pictures as soon as they got home. So, Ben didn’t miss anything.

      • Anonymous

        Ben was in Las Vegas gambling, he just didn’t walk the red carpet to get his picture taken probably because he looked wasted from his night of gambling in WV. If he had a migraine he would stayed in his hotel room or gone home to LA, other people who at ante up for africa said he was there playing poker.

        • Anonymous

          Ben Affleck did indeed play in the Ante Up for Africa event in Las Vegas with Matt Damon. Matt Damon’s wife was doing exactly what she does every other day of her life – absolutely NOTHING – while nannies watched her kids – inside their house – exposed to absolutely NO CULTURE of any kind. But Jen is the bad parent, right? When was the last time you saw either of Matt Damon’s parents spend a single day with their grandkids?

          • Shut up already

            Where did you see the photos of Ben at the tables playing at the Ante Up For Africa Event? I would like to see them. I have only found photos of Matt playing.
            There is also and article on there site stating that Ben Affleck fell sick due to a migraine. I could not find any articles stating that he played in a back room or secluded VIP area. I’m glad he made the event. Matt and Ben usually fly in and out of Las Vegas the same day. It is only 3 hours away from LA.

  9. Anonymous

    Violet and Seraphina are absolutely adorable!

  10. Anonymous

    Melinda and Raven–jealous much? I don’t follow celebs I don’t like but you two certainly know a suspicious lot about her (knowing that’sher publicist? If so, what’s her name? I’m a fan and I don’t know that!) Her husband was with her at Sulphur Springs? Excuse me, “West” Sulphur Springs.Boy you too know a lot Raven! To follow celebs you don’t like in the way you two do seems like a huge waste of time. Get yourself a new hobby girls and leave Jen and her family alone and just skip over her photos like I skip over Angelina’s. You know the sites track how many comments each celeb gets and you are just adding to her popularity girls.

  11. Anonymous

    Seeing pictures of Violet and Seraphina always brings a smile to my face. They are the cutest girls!

  12. klutzy_girl

    Ben was with Jen on the Casino opening. There’s pictures to prove it.

    And this is Seraphina’s second 4th of July, not her first.

    I love this family! They’re awesome. She’s complained about the paps, so doubt she’s calling them.

  13. Anonymous

    I absolutely love this family! Jennifer is so down to earth and she seems like a great mother. Violet and Seraphina are cutie pies.

  14. Anonymous

    This is NOT a photo op. This is a mom enjoying the 4th of July with her daughters.

  15. Anonymous

    why doesnt she teach her kids manners? disgusting.

  16. raven

    Just a mom enjoying the 4th of July with her kid’s funny if it was any other celerity that you people didn’t worship it would be a photo op but let it be your goddess Jennifer Garner and she could do any wrong. I wouldn’t call it a photo op if we really saw photos of her kids but the fact is we see photos of them almost every day. When Violet was younger their wasn’t daily photo of her so Jennifer did something right to keep her daughter from being photograph all the time. Whether you want to call it a smart business move or a photo op it’s the same thing it get her exposure she what get normally unless she had a movie coming out and people interested in her If people would grow tired of seeing photos her daily if she didn’t have her kids with her.

  17. Anonymous

    Raven please get another hobby than the one you have – looking out for Jennifer Garner photos every day. Like I said, the more you comment, the more CBS and other sites will feature her and her kids. So please tear yourself away! (yes, I know its hard)

    • Anonymous

      Raven is probably trying to cover up the fact that she is desperately in love with Jennifer Garner. Normal people just ignore the things they don’t like instead of obsessing over them the way Raven and the other haters do.

  18. Shell

    Aren’t most parents with their kids every day?! But most parents aren’t chased by paps. Only thing they can do is lock the kids up at home and stop them from living normal lives or show up in pictures like these that we look at which perpetuates the pap frenzy.

  19. Anonymous

    Violet and Seraphine are absolutely the cutest Hollywood kids. So darn adorable!

  20. Anonymous

    I love this family (especially Jen) an if I didn’t I sure as hell would not follow her every move, seek to know so much about her and then go to websites and diss stupid crap about her in an effort to discredit her.

    Face it people, like someone else said before, if you don’t like her move on.

    Back to topic: Her children are beautiful and very lucky to have the parents that they do. These kids are the offspring of rich and famous parents but still able to live a somewhat normal life. Thanks CBS for these pics.

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