Report: Oksana Grigorieva Has Photo Evidence Of Assault

The ex-girlfriend of Mel Gibson, Oksana Grigorieva claims to have photo proof that the actor was physically abusive. A source close to the situation revealed to Radar Online, “You can see Oksana’s two main front teeth were broken and there are bruises all over her face. They will come out eventually and she is prepared to use them in their court case.”

Grigorieva, 40, and Gibson, who split in April after a year together, have been in the news often since the split. They both filed restraining orders against the other, and most recently, a tape was released exposing a very angry Gibson shouting racist and derogatory comments to Grigorieva.

The source added of the situation, “Oksana was scared to death to go to the cops. Any battered woman is… most women never speak out and suffer years.”

The former couple are parents to nine-month old daughter Lucia. Gibson has seven children from a previous marriage, and Grigorieva has one son.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. cheater going after a married man

    SO why not smile for the cameras and show that you have ALL YOUR TEETH.
    NEXT Rielle Hunter eh.. maybe be on the cover of GQ …why bring this out
    now..Where is your scratched face.. like really man Okasana really thinks
    that he abused her.. like Rihanna..give us the pix at the police station ..

  2. Anonymous

    That’s good for her if that really happened.Who told her to date him while he was still married?She seemed she was proud to claimed that.hey things happened for a reason.

  3. Anonymous

    Are any of you parents? Parents to a daughter, since when is it okay to beat on anyone? A man’s strenght doesn’t compare to a womans. Oh you poor souls, I am praying for ya’ll.

  4. klutzy_girl

    What is wrong with some of you people? She doesn’t deserve any of this! I don’t care that she had an affair with a married man. She was abused and that’s not right of Mel to do!

  5. pushingbuttons

    I agree wholeheartedly that men should NEVER go to the extreme to hit a woman…but what gets me is all this condemnation of him and his going off on a rant. Who among us has not totally lost it when someone kept pushing and pushing and pushing one’s buttons. You come to a point where you will blow up and lash out at the person and what can come out of one’s mouth at that time can be mean and hateful but are said in anger because someone pushed you to your limit of endurance. One can be as sweet as pie, as mild and as meek and let someone just aggravate the daylights out of you without let up and see what can come out of one’s mouth. It’s a good thing none of us have been recorded at these moments.

    • Phoenix

      If there are photos, WHY haven’t we seen them, as in Rihanna’s case ? Having photos of her teeth being knocked out does NOT in any manner prove Mel Gibson did that to her; if there are such photos, it proves only that someone knocked her teeth out, likely someone she paid to do it. She was married to a rich man twice her age when she met Timothy Dalton, left her husband a wk after meeting Dalton and eventually got pregnant. Can you say PAYDAY, boys & girls ??!? Then comes Mel, poor fool, and he falls for it, hook, line and sinker. This woman is a master manipulator, has many years of shrewd experience getting men into compromising situations which seem to routinely benefit HER. Lots is not being revealed here, don’t be so quick to hang Mel out to dry.

  6. Anonymous question he put himself into this situation and he’s likely to get burned by her.She is conniving…I doubt he did anything to her but she is determined to get a good payoff and she’s had enough time to figure out how to do it.Anyone think it’s an “accident” that they met in the first place?She had this planned all along.Say goodbye,Mel..your colossol ego has been shot down by a Russian.

  7. Anonymous

    Mel Gibson is mentally unstable! You can see it in his wild eyes and of course in his comments and actions. He should be put in a straight jacket and locked up before he hurts someone.

  8. Anonymous

    I’m glad they’re not together and I hope he gets help.

    P.S Oh my gosh…since when did Extra get a math problem for making comments? Cute!

  9. patty

    Anyone can claim the pictures are of what he did to her, the only way to really prove he did it was to have called the police and they could have verified it in January. She is only doing this to get custody and money. If she was that afraid, as soon as she was free this would have all come out. Someone else said that Robyn his ex wife is lying about him being physically abusive to her. You know in Hollywood no one keeps an abuse secret for 28 years. There is definitley two sides to this story.

  10. patty

    The media is crucifying this man and alot of people have apparently not heard that a man is innocent until proven guily. Unfortunately that is not the case in domestic violence cases any longer. In an effort to deal with domestic violence the pendulum has swung too far to the left. Now a man can be accused, locked up and ordered out of his own home on a womens word alone. These women then take out a civil ex parte, file criminal charges and they get a free domestic violence lawyer from YWCA. The man has to pay for his attorney. Even when it is proved that the woman committed perjury they are very “RARELY” prosecuted, meanwhile the man is Noel Processed and he has a permanent record. This happens every day. Women today are just as quick to jump up and hit a man expecting not to be hit back. I have seen this over and over again. Violence breeds violence and that is all you see at the movies, on t.v. ….the news everywhere.

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