The DiaperKeeper: On-the-Go Diaper Changing Clutch

Most moms love being organized. Keeping all things diaper-related in one convenient and portable place is a dream come true for moms on-the-go. Introducing the Diaper Keeper from Pink Koala Design, it’s the go-anywhere changing clutch for diapers, wipes, creams and more. Some of you might remember the Trapper Keeper from the ’80s, which helped organize school supplies. Think of this as the diaper version of the Trapper Keeper-everything you need for a quick diaper change in one handy and chic clutch!

The DiaperKeeper features an oversized changing mat, interior storage pockets, oversized outer pockets and is available in a wide range of fun, fashion forward and chic patterns. The inner lining is made of nylon and wipes of quickly and easily. In addition, it’s machine washable.

Pink Koala products are hand-crafted designs, made in Maryland from the most baby friendly, stylish and whimsical materials the company is able to find. Using vintage and vintage inspired fabrics, Pink Koala turns function into fashion. Some fabrics are even limited edition prints, guaranteeing you an exclusive design.

Celebrity moms like Christina Milian and Tiffani Thiessen love the trendy prints and the convenience of the DiaperKeeper.

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Photo courtesy of Pink Koala Design.

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  1. Anonymous

    Is there a handle or is it really a clutch? If there is no handle to carry it with, that thing is anything but convenient.

  2. Anonymous

    There’s a wrist strap.

  3. Anonymous

    Skip Hop makes one too.

  4. Anonymous

    The pictures on the website show it with and without a strap. I guess it’s however you want it.

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