Chantal Kreviazuk: “I Am Very Proud Of The Life I Have Created With My Husband”

Chantal Kreviazuk and her husband Raine Maida are the power rockstar couple of the great white north. Her gorgeous melodies and unmistakable talent have made Chantal one of our favorite Canadian celeb mamas! After 10 years of marriage, Chantal and Raine are parents to three boys: Rowan, 6, Lucca, 5, and Salvador, 2. The Leaving on a Jet Plane singer says they are a “very close family” and that their recent marriage renewal ceremony meant “even more than the first visit to the alter.”

The busy mom of three opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about writing mega hits for the likes of Gwen Stefani and Faith Hill, her fifth studio album, how she makes it work in a rockstar family and her “nutso” love for her three boys.

CBS: You and your husband, fellow musician Raine Maida, are known as Canadian rock royalty. After 10 years of marriage and 3 children, how have you 2 made it work?

CK: “We both travel? Just kidding. Well, maybe not.

I think that one of the major keys to [a successful marriage is] respect, if not THE key, is respect. Respect in how you speak to one another, always being aware of boundaries. And also respect for who each other is – eachothers’ life force if you will.

Raine and I have built our marriage on being completely aware, supportive and respectful of the entire life that we had before we met each other, which includes the development of our talents and passions. I think that this respect leads to wonderful things, and for example, we do spend a bit of time apart, doing what we love and need to do. That time apart is important, because we are independent at that time, and we come home not only missing and appreciating home base, but also, as a person who has developed further and has more to bring into the marriage – challenges and new ideas, etc.

CBS: You and Raine just renewed your wedding vows. Tell us what this meant to the 2 of you.

CK: “We loved it. I loved it even more than the first visit to the alter. We knew what we were getting this time, and chose to be there. I think it is something that everyone should do! Whether in an elaborate fashion or not, recommitting ourselves to our partners is a beautiful thing. Creating renewed confidence in one another says that we love not only the person we didn’t know so well, but the person we now know in and out.”

CBS: With your husband being a popular rockstar, how do you deal with trust and jealousy?

CK: “Hmm, really good question. I am human, but the reality is that I do the same thing that Raine does…I go off into the world of the stage/audience…lots of dynamics, as well.

We both are people of strong principles and we value our love and our families more than everything. Being a rockstar on the road is fun, but greatest is our family. I don’t know how to entirely answer that, but if I don’t say so myself, ‘I think that Raine is very in love with me, and me only.’ He is a one-woman man.”

CBS: You and Raine are parents to three boys: Rowan, Lucca, and Salvador. How are the boys doing? Tell us a funny story about each of them.

CK: “Rowan is 6. We were in the drug store. He and Lucca, who is 4 and a half, and me. I was trying to grab a few essentials before a road trip. Have you ever tried shopping in a large drug store with two little boys? Needless to say, it was a bit of a gong show. I had a difficult time looking for the items I needed, and keeping track of them, or telling them to stop running or be quiet. I got really distracted with the shopping for a few moments, and then I looked up and Rowan was standing on one of the shelves repeating in a robot like voice, ‘Buy me, buy me.’ It was hysterical. He has a great sense of humor.”

Lucca is 4 and a half, actually almost 5 now. This is not so funny, but it kind of is I guess, because I lived. The other day I was standing in the ocean, about 25 feet out, up to my thighs I guess, and I turned around and BAM, a rock about 3 inches in diameter nailed me in the head. I looked on the shore line, and there was Lucca. He tried to kill me. (not really) Drama.

The baby! Salvador, oh my gosh. He does a concert from his crib constantly. Raine and I can listen on his monitor at any given time of the night or morning….he wakes up, sings for a while, goes back to sleep, wakes up and sings some more. Twinkle Twinkle is his fave, but he sometimes veers off into these abstract cool places.
It is the most beautiful thing. But sometimes, its just downright hilarious.”

CBS: How do you do it all? Maintain your successful career and raise 3 boys? Do you have a nanny? Do you practice in self care?

CK: “My self care is the nanny. Just kidding.

Yes, we have a bit of a beautiful team over here. Bibi has been with us since Ro was born, and then Heather came in, and now with three boys, and all the travel etc., we have an assistant Theresa who also babysits. And Heather babysitting along with Bibi, for some of the road trips when the boys come. It works out well. This may sound like a lot of people. However we have always had the same people in our life, and with family not living in our cities to help, we cannot do it without help.

Also, believe it or not, it is the help I have that allows me to be a completely hands-on mom. The only time I am not with my kids is if I am working. Honestly, having help allows me to not be scrubbing and constantly keeping up with laundry, etc., etc. I love laundry and housework a lot, but when I have help, I eliminate that horrible phrase ‘I’ll be there in a second’ as much as possible.

I just want to be able to completely focus on the children when I am home, and not working. It is a lot, but it seems to be working! We are a very close family.”

CBS: Are you and Raine hoping to try for a girl?

CK: “Nope!”

CBS: How has motherhood changed you? Biggest challenges? Greatest rewards?

CK: “I have realized that I am not who I thought I was in many ways, and I am profoundly who I thought I was in many ways.

I hear other moms saying that they are dying for a trip away from the kids, or that they love their ‘downtime’ and I am always amazed, because I feel the opposite.
Anytime I am away from them, I am so depressed, and have to just zen that we are not together and rush home to them as quickly as possible.

That is the biggest challenge, being away sometimes. And the greatest reward of motherhood is knowing that I am mommy, and no one else is, and that my boys love me like crazy because I love them madly and have made them my no. 1 priority in my life, not because I have to, but because I am nutso for them and they know that.”

CBS: Tell us about your new album, Pain Jane. What was the inspiration behind your fifth studio album?

CK: “One of the greatest things we ever did was create a home in Los Angeles, away from where we are more familiar faces. I love my life in Canada, of course, and we keep a place in Toronto that is definitely ‘home.’ However, cultivating a life of relative obscurity has been truly honouring to my soul.

In L.A., I am a working mom who drops her child at school, shops for the groceries, and plans dinners and activities for her children, not so mindful that I am the singer ‘Chantal K.’

Plain Jane reflects on the challenges of this decision, and also celebrates the rewards. I think I made the best move possible so to protect and preserve my soul, and so that I could be the person that I truly want and need to be, regardless of the hurdles. I am very proud of the life I have created with my husband.”

CBS: You are one of Canada’s most popular female musicians alongside Alanis Morissette, Celine Dion and Sarah McLachlan. Can we ever expect a collaboration between the 4 of you?

CK: “Sounds great to me! Where do I sign?”

CBS: You have joined this year’s Lilith Fair Tour. Are you taking the boys on the road?

CK: “Though my name has been so generously placed on the ‘marquee’ (if you will), the truth is I am only playing a few dates! But I am grateful for the dates, and grateful that I will not be away from family for too long at one time!”

CBS: We hear you are currently working on Faith Hill‘s new album. What is the inspiration and ‘feel’ of the album?

CK: “I have no idea what the sound is…. I only know of the songs that Raine and I submitted. I hear that she loves our demos, and my singing of the songs, which is so cool!”

CBS: You have written songs for various artists including Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. Not to mention, you added the ‘Na na na na na na’ in Gwen Stefani‘s smash hit, Rich Girl. Tell us what it was like collaborating with Gwen.

CK: “Gwen was not around during the collaboration. That was done with the now famous Kara Dioguardi! It was a very intense and inspired session, one that I was not really supposed to be in, except that Kara and I were hanging out a bit at the time, and I simply had an idea. But Jimmy Iovine was there, and he loved my parts.

I have met Gwen a few times, and I think she is lovely. I have not met her kids. But the first song that Rowan ever sang to on TV, was strangely Rich Girl, which happened to be on MTV. So fun!”

CBS: You and Raine have co-written many songs together. Can we ever expect a power ballad from you two?

CK: “I would like to do an album or EP with Raine, yes, or release a single or something.
I think it will be our best work ever!”

CBS: After contributing so much to Avril Lavigne’s album Under My Skin, she betrayed your trust and your friendship. What happened between you two?

CK: “I am not allowed to talk about it. I am a woman of principle, honesty and justice.
I gave my word that I would not talk about it, and so I will honour that commitment.
Thank you for respecting that!”

CBS: Not only are you a singer and acclaimed song writer, you have also done some acting and producing. Can we expect more of this from you in the future

CK: “I would love to do some film work. I have been offered some parts, but they were not right for my soul/lifestyle.”

CBS: Tell us about your involvement in War Child. Have you traveled for this foundation? What have you learned? How can we become involved?

CK: “War child Canada is the greatest grassroots charity in the world, in my opinion, founded by two of the greatest minds – Dr. Samantha Nutt and Dr. Eric Hoskins – of our generation.

I am honoured to be able to voice my passion for their groundbreaking work bringing opportunity and change to the lives of children and communities caught in conflict.
anyone can (and should) get involved by going to

CBS: If you are working with any other charities or any other projects, please feel free to discuss.

CK: “I am a huge advocate of the work done by Canuck House, PBI, smile train, CMHA, The ONE Campaign, the Opportunity Fund (Winnipeg), Children’s Hospital of Winnipeg, Girls and Women, BOOST Child Abuse Prevention, the campaign to Liberate Freedom and Westminster House.”

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  • Anonymous

    Wow, she sounds like a great mom with a wonderful family.

    I love the fact that she has 3 boys and is not “trying for a girl.” People always assume that having a daughter is some sort of prize or achievement, as if sons are chopped liver or something. I have a son whom I love to pieces, and I constantly get asked whether we are going to have another so we can get a girl. If we have a second child, I’d be ecstatic to have another boy. I’m sure girls are great and all, but I’m tired of people implying that they are inherently more valuable than boys. Babies are babies — they just need to be loved.

  • carolyn

    Oh, I just LOVE these two. I went to her show last year and she was talking a bit about her kids and being a mom. She seems very down-to-earth!

  • Anonymous

    I love them too, they both seem really down to earth and normal!

    btw, love the name Rowan, it is my daughters name!

  • Jenny

    I love them both! I was at an OLP concert a few months ago and Chantal, the nannies and all 3 boys were rockin’ in the crowd! It was too cute!!!

  • Anonymous

    unless she has mellowed and become more selfless since parenthood (which is entirely possible), I have worked with her promotionally and she is a terrible human being. One of the rudest, most self-involved “artists” I’ve ever had to deal with.

  • Anonymous

    Chantal comes off all down to earth, but I can tell you that she is a vindictive to say the least and the reason few stars want to keep coming back to work with her again. Let’s just say that working with Chantal once is usually enough for most artists to last for a lifetime, … just saying.

  • cara

    down to earth??

    seriously?!? this woman sounds like she could talk about herself in brave authentic principled terms until hell froze. i’m guessing self-satisfied over-indulged narcissist.

  • Anonymous

    She’s so annoying.

  • Rachel

    Chantal is the most over-rated Canadian singer ever! She doesn’t deserve to be in the same ranks as Alanis Morissette and Celine Dion. The first word that comes to mind when her name comes up is self-absorbed. She definitely is not a good representative for Canadian singers!

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