Happy 2nd Birthday Sunday Rose Kidman Urban!

Name: Sunday Rose Kidman Urban

Date of Birth: July 7, 2008

Parents: Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban

Siblings: Half-siblings Isabella Jane (12/22/92) & Connor Anthony (01/17/95)

– She was born in Nashville, Tennessee weighing in at 6lbs 7 1/2oz
– Mama Nicole took two months maternity leave after her daughter was born, before heading back to work to begin filming Nine
– According to her maternal grandfather, Sunday’s middle name was chosen to honor Keith’s late grandmother, Rose

“Particularly when you don’t have someone in your life… in my experience, Sunday was the loneliest day. It went from being sort of the most dreaded day of the week for us to being the most joyous day, because we just had a family.” – Keith, on the personal meaning of his daughter’s name.

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  1. Manal

    Its funny that Sunday , Connor , Bella and Suri are all siblings but non of them are actually related by blood.

  2. Trish

    Happy Birthday Cutie Pie~~~

  3. Anonymous

    Conner and Isebella are adopted….So actually they are only related because
    of Tom and Nicole who gave up rights to her older children to Tom.. and by the way Suri is not a sibling to Sunday Rose at all.. Conner and Isebella are Tom and Nicole’s kids.. Suri is not related…never will be either..Which is nice to know..

  4. Lynda

    Soooo. Sunday’s siblings are Suri’s siblings, and Suri’s siblings are Sunday’s siblings, They may not be related but you can’t argue they don’t have family in common!

  5. Anonymous

    Happy B-day to little Sunday Rose. Such a blessing for her parents and a truly beautiful baby girl. Hope she has a wonder time today and every day of her life.

  6. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Sunday!! You are so beautiful.

  7. Anonymous

    best wishes for sunday rose!
    t’s growing so fast and doing our joy.
    more and more beautiful. the perfect mix of both parents
    love her

  8. Anonymous

    it seems like yesterday he was born;
    is very beautiful, I am proud.
    sweet cutie

  9. Anonymous

    thank you Scoop for posting pictures Sunday.
    she is beautiful
    our little country

  10. Anonymous

    sunday is precious,a little doll!
    happy birthday for her!
    Nic and Keith are prouds

  11. hopeso

    Happy Birthday Sunday Rose!!!!!! Many, Many Happy returns….

  12. Anonymous

    @9:24pm, what pictures are you looking at! I see a gorgeous little girl. She is spirited and healthy. You’re obviously jealous of this child because Nicole got Keith and you didn’t. I hope you’re misery keeps you up at night loser!

  13. Paula

    I have always Admired Nicole Kidman as she is a true lady when interviewed honest and straight forward. She was so blessed to find Keith Urban the wonderful recording artist. They are both from Austrailia which is so nice too. Together they made the most adorable Sunday Rose. So much happiness for Nicole after so much pain with her past marriage I am happy for her. Sunday Rose is such a cutie pie. Blessings to the Urban family! God Bless.

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