Kendra Wilkinson Releases Autobiography

25-year-old reality star Kendra Wilkinson has released an autobiography, Sliding Into Home, detailing the events of her past, including her years of drug use, stripping, and depression.

In an interview with the Today Show via the NY Daily News, Wikinson revealed how a cocaine overdose was the turning point in her life, saying that she had an “ephiphany,” and “went home.”

Taking to her blog, she shared her inspiration for writing the book, saying,

My book is dedicated to my son Hank IV, of course it had to be to him… he’s my boo, he’s my home base, he’s my EVERYTHING! I would relive this whole book again just for him. There’s not one second of this book I would take back because if it wasn’t for this story, I wouldn’t have my beautiful son!”

Wikinson and husband, NLF’er Hank Baskett recently celebrated their 1 year anniversary, and welcomed son Hank IV in December.

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  • Shirilicious

    She’s really milking her 15 minutes for all it’s worth. And mostly on the back of her little child.

  • Valerie

    Just STFU already Kendra… My God… A sex tape that you claim was embarrasing… And now you’re writing a book talking about when you 1st had an orgy with a man old enough to be your grand-father… Just no shame having thing… What happened to morals? Self-respect? All because of a little extra time in the headlines. Great job Kendra… You’re a great role model.

  • Jasmyn

    I think all you haters should STFU!

    I don’t think her book is to tell people all about her orges or her sex tape. It’s to tell her story on her terms. It’s to tell what she has over come to get where she is today. If you don’t like it then don’t read it.

    Loved the book! Wishing all the best for Kendra and her family

    • Anonymous

      thank you !
      I started it and couldnt put it down.
      finished it in one day., really good book

    • Beccaa

      i could’nt agree more! im only 15 and i love her to bits, i would do anything to be where she is now, and she has done everything she possibly could to get where she is now, and i think thats amazing. atleast she is being honest about her life instead of lying to her son and saying about how ‘easy her life was’ when it really wasnt. if she was my mum, i would be so proud of her, i would do anything to have a mum like her.
      Beccaa <33

  • Anonymous

    I too read the book in one day. It was a great book. I am going to predict it will be a best seller. Kendra has come a long way and has a-lot to be proud about. Too many negative people try to keep a positive person (such as Kendra) down because of what she had to go through to get where she is. This is why people like Kendra excel and stroll past defeat of which is where she has been to remain in victory of which is where she is going and that’s up, up, up. Don’t dwell on the insecurities of your own mind, and transgressions of your flesh (physically or mentally) and perhaps you too can turn your past into a bright future.

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