Cindy Crawford: Becoming A Mom Showed Me How Strong I Am

Supermodel Cindy Crawford is stunning on the cover of this month’s Ladies Home Journal. In the issue, the 44-year-old mom-of-two talks about her kids, her marriage and how giving birth changed her perspective.

“I felt a real change after I had kids,” says Cindy, who had both Presley, now 11, and Kaia, now 8, at home with a midwife. She adds that her childbirth experiences gave her a sense of “owning my own body. More than anything in my life, it showed me how strong I am. And you need that strength when the kids aren’t babies anymore. Some days I’ll say to them, ‘Get dressed! Brush your teeth!’ 15 times and they’re still not listening.”

Cindy is the first to admit she and her family live a good life. They divide their time between multiple homes, including a Malibu cliffside estate and a Canadian vacation getaway. But she insists she’d be just as happy living a simpler life.

“I like living here. It’s beautiful and it’s fun,” she says of their California home. “But we also have a house in Illinois on a cul de sac in a tiny subdivision near my mother’s house. My kids ride their bikes down the street to my mom’s house. I’ll often say to Rande, ‘I could live there. I don’t need all this.’ He’ll roll his eyes, but it’s true.”

Her happiness is due in part to her husband of 12 years Rande Gerber. While she admits they go through their ups and downs, Cindy says they make their relationship a priority with weekly date nights – and a healthy sex life.

“If you just wait for the moment to strike, you’re going to have dry spells,” she says of the latter. “But even if you don’t start out in the mood, once you get it going everyone’s on board.”

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  • Anon1

    Great interview. Seems like a healthy happy life. Good for her.


    Her kids are beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    gorgeous family!

  • Jenny

    I like Cindy. She seems smart and down to earth.

  • BethF

    I am glad that there is at least one star that has a healthy and happy family life. It really is rare to see. She was a role model when I was younger and she still is as we all go through motherhood together.

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  • Anonymous

    She looks like a man with nice hair. LOL

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