Pete Wentz Totes His Trail Tot

Rockstar papa Pete Wentz was spotted toting his 19-month-old son Bronx Mowgli as they headed for a trail walk in Los Angeles on Wednesday (July 7).

The Fall Out Boy singer was seen holding onto a reusable tote bag and wearing a diaper bag complete with a sippy cup for his little guy.

Mama Ashlee Simpson-Wentz has taken to her sister’s defense again. The latest headlines state that Jessica Simpson is pregnant with her first child, which Ashlee says is “absurd and not true at all.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. Anonymous

    It’s good to finally see this kid wearing shoes. That hat looks ridiculous. Is he expecting a storm?

  2. AnnieMouse

    I love his tattoos and Bronx’s hair is super adorable, but that hat?? I didn’t realize it snowed in July, or in LA EVER!!

  3. Anonymous

    seriously – who wants to see them?? that kid is not even cute and look at this hair.. more King&Zuma Rossdale !!!!

  4. Anonymous

    Bronx looks like an angel!! They both look gorgeous!

  5. cemetreesc

    i think they both seem like very devoted parents. insted of prepping him in fancy clothes for the cameras they always seem very real and relaxed. and i have to say i love how much we see pete with bronx.. seems like a very involved dad!

  6. Anonymous

    eu adoro o bronx eo pete.

  7. Anonymous

    Bronx is a cute kid but not the cutest in Hollywood. I think Kingston and Zuma are by far the cutest boys and Shiloh is the cutest girl.

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