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@RachelFederoff Sin Halo having his first bday in the big apple! Where should we have his special day??

@Deanracer Loving being home and hanging with my Fam. Took my first walk today, Oy!!! It hurt. Gotta do it though. Baby steps right??

@torianddean We shouldn’t hve gone N2 Petco 2day…Came home w/3 new family members.1 for Liam’s room 1 for Stella’s & Dude’s future wife…pics 2morrow!

@GavinRossdale Be good to your friends….like real good

@brookeburke Stopping at Starbys. Breakfast on the road with the kids. Love the egg white spinach wrap, oatmeal, nonfat latte! So healthy.

@askjillian Not pregnant. Repeat. Not pregnant. My maxi dress states otherwise but I can assure you I’m not! I still love Bryan Cranston!!!

@AliAdler Is there anyone left for Mel Gibson to alienate? Perhaps he’s gone so far now that even The Assholes won’t let him in their group.

@moonfrye Trying to get maple syrup out of my daughters hair. Fun times.

@MellyJHart They are calling cell phones and wifi the cigarette of the 21st century & predicting my boys gen will be senile at the age of 50.UPSETTING!

@ENISE_RICHARDS Yeah!! I wrapped! Heading to the airport.. Can’t wait to see my girls!

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