Salma Hayek’s Disney Day

Actress Salma Hayek spent yesterday at the Happiest Place on Earth with her daughter Valentina, 2 1/2, stepdaughter Mathide, 9, and mom Diana (July 8). The group of girls looked to be having a blast as they hopped on rides and took in the sights and sounds of Disneyland.

The beautiful mom recently talked about bringing her adorable girl to the set of her latest film, Grown Ups, where she kept the cast and crew entertained:

She does sing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle [Little Star],’ but the kids [in the movie] taught her other [songs],” Salma says. “Now they’ve got her into the soundtrack of Mamma Mia. She of course likes [the song] ‘Mamma Mia,’ but she also likes ‘Honey, Honey.'”

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Photo credit: Fame Pictures

  • Anonymous

    2 1/2 and she still has a pacifier? Come on!

  • Anonymous

    Adorable child but they need to get rid of the pacifier!

  • nanpan

    It does look a bit silly, but I’m not one to judge what doesn’t effect me/my family. Personally, I took the binky away from my daughter around 6 months, during wake-time. I didn’t want her speech to be impacted by having something plugging her mouth all day long. At that age, it was so easy to just take it away without her even really noticing. She’s allowed to use it while sleeping as long as she needs, though, and still does at 15-months.

  • Anonymous

    What could a 2.5 year old possibly benefit from a pacifier?

    • Anonymous

      Comfort? What kind of question is that, a two year old is still a toddler.

      • Anonymous

        If a 2.5 y.o child needs physical COMFORT from a pacifier, then there’s a problem. A teddy bear, blankie, that’s fine. But to get oral comfort at that age is absurd.

  • HLBronson

    Looks so silly! I think I took my daughter’s away at 1.5 and you could even say that was late. One day we went to my Mom’s house and when we got home I told her we left it there by accident. It really wasn’t that difficult. Some times I wonder if parents even TRY to take the binky away…

  • SarahEl

    Whe is so bueatiful!!! So grown up! Who cares about the pacifier. It’s up to the parents to decide on when to ditch it. So let Salma choose when that is. It won’t hurt her to have one.

  • Anonymous

    My daughter is 2 1/2 and still uses a pacifier. For sleep only. She is a “spirited child” who has a lot of issues in soothing herself and calming down. Her pediatrician knows her temperament and and tells us she is fine using it still. My daughter has unusual habits to calm down such as compulsively pinching herself. The pacifier prevents her from banging her head and other harmful things. In this situation, Valentina looks happy and to be having fun so maybe she doesn’t need it in this situation. But you never know what’s going on that we can’t see from the outside…

  • melo1983

    Oh shut up, 2 1/2 is not too old for a paci. It could be worse, her name could be Suri Cruise and she could be sipping from a freaking bottle.

    • Kimberly P.

      “sipping from a freaking bottle” … when she is *four*!

      Valentina is a.) syill a baby/toddler and b.) photographed by strange men yelling at he when she is in public. If the pacifier soothes her for now, let her have it. Let her be a baby/toddler while she is one. Geez.

  • nicoleC

    she’s getting bigger

  • Audrey

    I didn’t offer them to my kids because I didn’t want to keep up with them. But I’ve yet to see a kids take one to kindergarten. So I guess in the end it probably isn’t a big deal but a matter of preference.

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