Gwyneth Paltrow: “I Feel I Really Know Who I Am”

Gwyneth Paltrow is stunning as always on the cover of the August 2010 issue of Vogue magazine. The Oscar-winning mom-of-two now has a new title: Queen of the Kitchen. Often dishing out culinary tips in her online GOOP newsletter, Gwyneth is now taking her love of cooking a step further with a new cookbook titled My Father’s Daughter.

Describing the book, which is due to hit stores early next year, the Vogue writer says, “Her recipes reflect the kind of cooking that Paltrow prepares for her family most nights when she and her husband stay home.”

The Proof star, who has kids Apple, 6, and Moses, 4, with her rocker hubby Chris Martin, says her inspiration came from her late father Bruce Paltrow as well as her own love of food.

“I always feel closest to my father, who was the love of my life until his death in 2002, when I am in the kitchen. I can still hear him over my shoulder, heckling me, telling me to be careful with my knife,” Gwyneth writes in the book’s intro. “The most striking aspect about his cooking was how much joy he derived from feeding people that he loved. I mean, genuine, bursting happiness…. This book is meant to channel the ethos of my father by sharing the greatest gifts that he imparted to me. Invest in what’s real. Clean as you go. Drink while you cook. Make it fun. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It will be what it will be.”

Now 37, a wife and a mother and well as an actress and foodie, Gwyneth says, “I feel I really know who I am.”

“I’ve been an actress for such a long time. It’s been so fulfilling and so amazing. But I took a lot of time off to have children and I really discovered another side to myself. It was a very important time for me and I feel like it really rounded me out as a human being. I think it’s so important to mix things up and see things from a different perspective.”

Will you be picking up Gwyneth’s cookbook?

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    It is so nice to see her do a cookbook with her dad in mind…Since he
    took her to the Oscars when she won Shakespeare in Love..She has
    always talked about how her dad was a great influence on her cooking
    and how that was their special time together..She always talks about cooking
    and how her recipes on Scoop from the chefs that she has worked with too.

  • Shirilicious

    No, I will not buy her (or whoever wrote it) cookbook. I’ve seen one of her cooking videos from her homepage and this girl does NOT know her way around a kitchen. So inept the way she handled the food and utensils, who is she trying to fool?

  • should of been called goop.!

    SHIRILICIOUS..someone sounds jealous don’t they… Yes she knows how
    to cook.. Who are you trying to fool.. Her videos make it look so easy and
    simple.. what videos are you looking at…eh her hompage..she has one
    webpage and it is a newsletter with lots of stuff not just cooking …
    Her recipes for kids are quite interesting. Everyone is so negative about
    all the comments…why not be positive for a change..

  • Hal

    (eye roll)

  • Anonymous

    I feel I really know who she is, too. A pretentious, snooty, elitist cow.

  • littlegem

    It’s funny how the trashy small minded Americans think she’s pretentious and the cultured ones adore her. Speaks for itself huh?

    • Shirilicious

      Sure. Because people who think “should’ve” is spelled “should OF” (see above) are the truly cultured ones.

  • Anonymous

    How could you possibly know who’s American and who’s not?

  • demonterius

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  • Anonymous

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